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Anatomy Chapt 3

peri means surrounding
hem means blood
spondyl means vertebrae
lumb means lumbar
-ago means diseased condition
-al means pertaining to
ili means ilium
-ac means pertaining to
-path means disease
pod means foot
-iatrist means specialist
-scopy means visual examination
-sclerosis means abnormal hardening
-lysis means breaking down
-ectomy means surgical removal
-malacia means abnormal softening
lamin means lamina
-clasis means to break
-rrhaphy means surgical suturing
-oma means tumor
end means within
hem/o means blood
-poietic means pertaing to formation
-listhesis means slipping
sacr/o means sacrum
-stenosis means abnormal narrowing
-algia means pain
-necrosis means tissue death
por means small opening
-penia means difficiency
-osis means abnormal condition or disease
burs means bursa
-itis means inflammation
-plasty means surgical repair
certebr/o means vertebra
-otomy means surgical incision
ost means bone
peri means surrounding
ankyl/o crooked, bent, stiff
chondr/o cartilage
crani/o skull
kyph/o bent, hump
-lysis breakdown, separation, setting free, destruction, loosening
oss/o, oss/i, ost/o, oste/o bone
spondyl/o vertebrae
-um singlular noun ending
arthr/o joint
cost/o rib
-desis surgical fixation of bone or joint; to bind, tie together
lord/o curve, swayback bent
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
scoli/o curved, bent
synovi/o, synod/o synovial membrane, synovial fluid
zygomatic bones AKA the cheekbones
maxillary bones AKA the maxillae
mandible AKA the jawbone
12 pairs of ribs AKA costals
pectoral girdle AKA the shoulder girdle
clavicle AKA the collar bone
scapula AKA the shoulder blade
olecranon process AKA the funny bone
spinal column AKA the vertebral column
coccyx AKA the tailbone
pelvic girdle AKA the pelvis or hips
acetabulum AKA the hip socket
femur AKA thigh bone
patella AKA the kneecap
tibia AKA the shinbone
calcaneus AKA heel bone
closed fracture AKA simple fracture or a complete fracture, is one in which the bone is broken, but there is no open wound
open fracture AKA compound fracture, is one in which the bone is broken & there is an open wound in the skin
comminuted fracture is one in which the bone is splintered or crushed
greenstick fracture or incomplete fracture, is one in which the bone is bent & only partially broken
oblique fracture occurs at an angle across the bone
pathologic fracture occurs when a weakened bone breaks under normal strain
spiral fracture is a fracture in which the bone has been twisted apart
stress fracture which is an overuse injury, is a small crack in the bone that often develops from chronic, excessive impact
transverse fracture occurs straight across the bone
chiropractor holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree & specializes in manipulative treatment of disorders originating from misalignment of the spine
orthopedic surgeon AKA an orthopedist, is a physician who specializes in diagnosing & treating diseases & disorders involving the bones, joints & muscles
osteopath holds a Doctor of Osteopathy degree & uses traditional forms of medical treatment in addition to specializing in treating health problems by spinal manipulation
podiatrist holds a Doctor of Podiatry (DP) or Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) degree & specializes in diagnosing & treating disorders of the foot
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