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SS U 4 WW II/ColdWar


QuestionAnswer -
Events leading to WW II World Wide Depression 1930s
Events leading to WW II Rise of Nazism Believed white Aryans superior, strong central government. anti-semitism, prejudice against jews
Impact of WW II Holocaust 6 million Jews murdered
Impact of WW II Genocide- planned killing of a race of people
Impact of WW II United Nations to keep peace and created a homeland for Jews in 1948
The Cold War US vs. Soviet Union 1948-1991
The Cold War US/Soviet Union global competition for power and influence over Europe democracy or communism
Cold War Issues after WWII US wanted new nations in Europe to be democratic with free market economy
Cold War Issues after WWII Soviet Union wanted new nations in Europe to be communist with command economy
Truman Doctrine sent militaray aid to nations fighting communism inside borders
Marshall Plan US loan program to help rebuild Europe and stop spread of communism. upset Soviet Union
Arms Race (nuclear weapons) both sides gets them and feared that the other would use them
Allainces because of Cold War NATO
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization western Europe countires led by US democratic purpose kept Soviet from attacking western Europe
Warsaw Pact alliance of eastern Europe nations led by the Soviet Union (Eastern Bloc)
World Superpowers nations with major influence over the world
Soviet Union held seat on the UN Security Council
United States military bases around the world, often tries to limit the spread of communism through the UN
Iron Curtain Describe the divide between the Svoiet Union and the US and its allies (Winston Churchill from Great Britain used the term in 1946)
Berlin Wall built bly the USSR in 1961 ro prevent people in East Berlin from crossing over into West Berlin
Bay of Pigs 1961 - failed attempt by the US to remove Castro from Cuba
Cuban Missle Crisis 1962 - Soviet Union secretly put nucluer missle in Cuba aimed at the US - almost let to nuclear war
Space Race 1960s USSR and US believed that the first natin to get to the moon would have the technology to dominate their enemies
End of Cold War Event 1 Ronald Reagan (Pres 1981-1999)increased military spending made it hard for USSR to keep up,
Star Wars End to coldwar missle defense system to detect and destroy incoming nuclear weapons
End of Cold War Event 2 Mikhail Gorbachev (1985-1991) Leader of the Soviet Union. reduced government control
End of the Cold War Event 3 Poland overthrows communist govt. to become democratic
End of the Cold War Event 4 Berlin Wall comes down 1990 ,asssive protest lead to East Germany taking down the wall. East and Wst Germany reunited
End of the Cold War Event 5 Soviet Union collapses 1991 end of the cold war Russia and other former members of the USSR become independent
Created by: allison2561