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Ivy Line vocab 2

abhorrence extreme aversion or deestation; the feeling of utter dislike
aesthetic the study of art or beauty
amalgamation a mixture, merger, or consolidation
analogous similar; corresponding to something else; bearing some resemblance or proportion
archetype an original model of which all other similar persons, or concepts are dmerely derivative, copied, patterned, or emulated; a prototype
articulate clear, effective; especially, speaking in a clear or effective manner
augment to increase, make larger or supplement
aversion a strong dislike of something or someone
callousness the quality of being callous; emotional hardheartenedness or indifference
castigate to criticize or punish someone severely
cataclysmic causing great destruction or upheaval; catastrophic
circumlocution a roundabout or indirect way of speaking; the use of more words than necessary to express an idea
cogent reasonable and convincing; based on evidence. Appealing to the intellect or powers of reasoning
conceive to develop an idea
debacle an event or enterprise that ends suddenly and disastrously, often with humiliating consequences
decisive conclusive
divergent growing further apart; diverging
emphatic stated with conviction
enigmatically behaving mysteriously or strangely
entirety wholeness; fullness; the whole
enumerate to name a list of things one by one
ephemeral lasting for a short period of time
equitable fair, just, or impartial
esteem a feeling of respect for someone, or a good opinion of someone
exploit to use for one's own advantage
garrulous talkative, wordy
grandiloquence lofty, pompous language
gregarious friendly and preferring to be with other people
grudge deep-seated animosity or ill-feeling about something or someone
hackneyed unoriginal, trite
hapless unlucky
harangue forceful and lengthy lecture or criticism to someone
hegemony domination over others
heighten to make high; to raise higher; to elevate
iconoclast one who attacks common beliefs or institutions
idealize to imagine or represent something or someone as being perfect or better than they really are
ignominious making you feel ashamed or embarrassed
immerse to involve deeply
immobilize to prevent someone or something from moving
impassive stoic, not susceptible to suffering
impel to urge a person; to press on; to incite to action or motion in any way
impetuous making arbitrary decisions; in an impulsive and forceful manner
implement to bring about; to put into practice
impose to establish or apply by authority
impute to charge; to ascribe; to attribute
indecipherable describing something that can't be decoded, read, understood or comprehended
indefatigable extremely persistent and untiring
indifference unbiased impartiality
indiscriminate an indiscriminate action is done without thinking about what harm it might cause
indomitable having great determination or courage
inexorable not explainable; unable to be persuaded; relentless; unrelenting; impossible to stop or prevent; inevitable
insinuate make a way for or introduce something by subtle, crafty or artful means
intemperate not moderate; excessive
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