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Advance CPT coding

Final exam study guide

A gland with duct leading to the urethra bulbourethral
Occuring outside the body extracorporeal
Abbreviation for specific gravity sp/gr
The loss of nephron function in renal insufficiency 75%
Kidney stones develop in the urinary tract
Bladder carcinoma is often metastatic to the ________ and _________ bone;liver
Carry blood from arterioles to venules cappillaries
Incision into a vessel for placement of a cather cutdown
A condition in which there is dilation of a vessel wall or cardiac chamber is called aneurysm
This is the value between the left atrium and left ventricle bicuspid
This type of regurgitation causes backflow of the blood from the left ventricle into the left atruim mitral
azot/o means combining form meaning urea
sphygm/o means combining form meaning pulse
HCPCS modifier indicates the great toe of the right foot T5
What is NPI National Provider Identification
A notification in advance of services that Medicare probably will not pay for and the estimated cost to the patient Advanced Bendficiary Notice
The term that indicates this the type of code which the full code description can be know only if the common part of the code (the description prededing the semicolon) of the a prededing entry is referenced indented
The anesthesia formula B+T+M
dips/o means a form that means thirst
Abnormal thickening of the skin pachyderma
The term that means taste gustatory
Part of the inner ear vestibule
Endocradium,myocardium,epicardium covers what covering of the chamber walls of the heart
An infection of the renal pelvis and medullary tissue in one or both kidneys acute pyelonephritis
Another name for walls of ventricles purkinje fibers
Recess of renal pelvis calyx
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