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PRAXIS Government

PRAXIS Government/ Political Parties

in a one pary system the party is the government
in a two party system there are two parties competing for power
what were the first two political parites formed in the late 1700s? federalists and democratic-repulicans
The democratic-repulicans split into democrats and whigs
after the civil war, what two parties emerged? Republicans and Democrats
political parties are organized at the local, state, and national levels
functions of political parties include recruiting candidates for pulbic office, educating the public about issues, running and staffing the government, rewarding party loyalists with favors, watching over the part in power, and encouraging compromise and moderate government policies
what are some ways individuals have sought nomination for public office? caucus, nominating convention, primary election, or petition
what are caucuses? a private meeting of party leaders, used early in our nations history and in some states today
what are nominating conventions? require an official public meeting of party to choose candidates for office
what are primary elections? occur when party members select people to run in the general election; most commonly used today
what is a petition? the candidate is placed on the ballot if a certain number of voters signs a petition
what is an interest group? group of people who share common goals and oragnize to influence government
name a few interest groups? business and labor groups, agriculutral groups, environmental groups, public interest groups, government groups, associations
how do groups try to influence government policy? lobbying lawmakers, running publicity campaigns, and providing funs for candidates election campaigns
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