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Course 9


(001) When the dictionary definitions and the philosophical descriptions of the term profession are combined, what are the criteria for an occupation to be described? Body of theory & specialized Knowledge, Service Orientation, and Distinct subculture.
(001) What is wrong with the position that any given broadly defined occupation is either a profession or it is not. That approach leads to such conclusions as only doctors and not nurses are members of the medical profession and only officers and not enlisted are professionals in the POA. The vast majority of occupations and professions are distributed all along the g
(001) List unprofessional actions that should not be exhibited by NCO’s Coasting through your career; being only a technical expert; discrimination; ignoring direction of superiors; inflating EPRs; lack of self development; neglecting weak skill areas such as writing; poor attitude; focusing on only one area of your job resp
(001) What motivates NCOs to choose to behave in a professional manner? Seriousness about the commitment and obligation sworn to the oath of enlistment; association with those with very high standards; a sense of urgency; have worked under the leadership of several good professional supervisors; have a patriotic undertones d
(001) What is the impact of unprofessional behaviors upon the Air Force? Degraded mission effectiveness; decrease in organizational efficiency; lack of subordinate growth and development; no mentorship perpetuates a “just a Job” attitude; discipline and morale suffer.
(001) Why it is important that we continue to move along the professional continuum? If we don’t aspire to improve or enhance our level of performance and abide by the same core values and responsibilities, then there is no way the profession as a whole can advance along the continuum of occupations. In other words, a weak link here and
(002) Give examples of how today’s enlisted corps is significantly different than our predecessors in the areas of higher level responsibilities and education. Enlisted members are assuming responsibilities once exclusively reserved for members of the officer corps. Such increased responsibilities, both technical and supervisory, are being executed more capably because the enlisted individuals involved have a f
How does the Profession of Arms subject area (002) broaden our perspective of the military profession. Builds an appreciation of our membership in the POA. Provides information about events and issues that dictate military missions. It also teaches and reminds us about our history and culture. It provides the foundation for NCO mentorship.
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