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what types of juices do we offer and what is unique about them? oj, grapefruit. fresh squeezed
what kind of bacon do we use? wright's peppered
what kind of ham do we use? farmland honey glazed
what is unique about our eggs? fresh natural hand gathered yard eggs
what two sides come with eggs benedict? fruit, choice of hash browns or grits
list the ingredients of eggs benedict. canadian bacon, english muffin, poached egg, hollandaise sauce
list twelve ways eggs can be prepared. over easy, over medium, over hard, sunny side up, soft scrambled, med scrambled, dry scrambled, scrambled whites, basted, poached soft, poached medium, poached hard
what comes in the lite breakfast? 1 egg, 1 meat, 1 biscuit or 1/2 order toast, hash browns or grits
what is available in an omelet? 1 cheese, 1 meat, veg of choice
what is in our migas? scrambled egg, tom, onion, salsa, tortilla strips, cheese, jalapenos
list the seven ingredients available in the breakfast taco. bacon, sausage, cheese, ham, onions, potato, tomato
how many ingredients come in a breakfast taco at no charge? 4
how many pancakes are in a short stack? 2
how many pancakes are in a full stack? 3
what is in our huevos rancheros? corn tortilla, 2 eggs, ranchero sauce
what sides come with migas and huevos rancheros? refried beans, choice of bacon or sausage or ham, hash browns or grits
describe our irish oatmeal and what it is served with. steal cut whole oats. cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins, and whipped butter
how many biscuits are served with biscuits and gravy? 3
describe our french toast. 1/2 order = 4 triangles. full order = 6 triangles. served with whipped butter and warm syrup. powdered sugar and berries upon request.
what questions need to be asked about the egg with meat breakfast? egg prep, type of meat, type of bread, hash browns or grits.
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