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History Final


Pope Urban II called First Crusade 1095
Norman Conquest of England 1066
Notre-Dame de Paris construction began c. 1160s
Thomas Becket murdered 1170
Philip Augustus Walls construction began 1190
Fourth Lateran Council 1215
Sorbonne Founded 1257
Black Death Arrived in Paris 1348
Printing Press invented in Europe c. 1450
Ottoman Empire took Constantinople 1453
Columbus's first voyage to New World 1492
Michelangelo's David begun 1501
Martin Luther's 95 Theses 1517
Imperial Diet of Augsburg & Augsburg Confessions 1530
Charles V elected as Holy Roman Emperor 1519
Society of Jesus recognized 1540
Council of Trent began 1545
Las Casas' Short Account published 1542
Peace of Augsburg 1555
Created by: kingr8