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investment? using one's money to help get a business started
mixed economy? economy witch is mixture of the three bases systems
what kind of economy does the us have? mixed
second major decision in an economy is? how goods and services are produced
profit? difference between what it costs to do something and price buyers pay
free enterprise? (privately owned shops that sell consumer goods) system where individuals in a market economy are free to undertake economic activities with little or no government control
interest? payment for use of capital
market price? price at which buyers/sellers are willing to pay
supply? amount of a produce that producers are willing and able to offer at different prices
demand? amount of a produce
law of demand? when prices are low more people will buy
dividends? how stockholders receive payment for a company
budget? a plan for spending/saving money
when are presidential elections held? Tuesday after the first Monday in November
wages? payment producer exchanges for the use of labor
earned income? pay received for work
consumers about to borrow money for a purchase should? calculate purchase price plus intrest
polling places? places were people can vote
registration? (process for signing up to vote
media? television ,radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet
political party? organization of citizens who wish to influence government by getting their members elected
independent voter? person who does not support a political party
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