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Western Civs

Renaissance, Reformation, Constitutional monarchy

116 yrs of war btwn England and France, ended shortly after Joan of Arc took Orleans, the English left France. Most important battle was Battle of Crecy Hundred Years War
Unum Sanctum "The bull" Pope Boniface VI issued this document asserting his power over King Phillip VII, and everything.
English Preacher and writer, He translated the Bible into English, and sent his "lollards" to bring people to the Word of God John Wycliffe
Ciompi Revolt Revolt due to the lack of care for the poor, succesful revolt until Cosmo de Medici came to power.
Take what you learn, and use it. Two types of learning, text based and experiment based. Petrarch is father of this movement. Humanism
English humanist, wrote "Utopia" and spoke out against the King for his divorce and the taking of funds. Thomas Moore.
Christopher Columbus Italian explorer, traveled across Atlantic, in 1492 to find a trade route to India for spice trade.
Developed Caravel, a lighter ship. Sent ships out to explore Africa to find a spice trading route. Henry the Navigator
Author of "imitation of Christ" Thomas A Kempis
Martin Luther German priest, wrote the 95 theses and posted them to the doors of the church against Catholic practices, ultimately began the Protestant Reformation.
Disagreed with Martin Luther over Real Presence of Christ at the Lord's supper, which divided the Catholics and Protestants. Led reformation of Switzerland. Ulrich Zwingli
Pastor during Protestant Reformation. Wrote "Institute of Christian Religion" His writings and teachings inspired the religion with his name. John Calvin
This treaty granted Lutheranissm legal, but left it up to the Prince to decide the Land's religion Peace of Augsberg
Founded "society of Jesus," Spiritual exercises, and became the Saint of Soldiers. Ignatius of Loyola
Huguenots French Calvinists from the Protestant reformation.
This granted rights to the Huguenots after St. Bartholomew's Day massacre Edict of Nantes.
Leader of Dutch Revolt against Spanish that set off 80 yrs war, King that Parliament replaced James II with. William of Orange
Revolt against the government for fair treatment of the poor, unsuccesful movement, but brough awareness about lower class Peasants revolt
Series of peace treaties that ended the 30years war and 80 years war between Spain and the Dutch Republic Peace of Westphalia
Enclosure land that is fenced in and deeded as retribution to rights being taken away.
Impostitions Taxes that were introduced through James I as a source of royal income for improving the state's debt.
Document put out by Parliament declaring that King can't create taxes or force loans. Petition of Right
Charles I called upon Parliament when the Scots invaded England, Parliament didn't settle things until after the ENglish Civil War Long Parliament
Document issued by Charles II that establishes religious toleration declaration of Indulgence
The switching of King from James II to William of Orange and Queen Mary that involved no Bloodshed. Glorious Revolution
Labor tax imposed by Henry VI to improve Roads. Corvee
Document printed by Cardinal Richelieu that outlined how France could become powerful. Reason of State
State-controlled system to make money for King. Mercantilism
Rebirth,changes in science, art, architecture and literature. Key people include Da Vinci, Aligieri, Petrarch, and Moore Renaissance
Reform Catholoic beliefs, began after the 95 theses were posted. Key people include Luther, Zwingli, Calvin. Reformation
James I to Charles I, Charles I executed, Cromwell takes power, Charles II, Charles II issues Decl. of Indulgence, succeeded by James II, led to Glorious Revolution and THIS GUY got the throne. William of Orange-Road to Monarchy
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