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Moe's Study guide

list of all moe's products

Joey Bag of Donuts J- Burrito 12-Rice, beans, meat, cheese, pico
Triple Lindy T-Burrito 12-Rice, Beans, Meat, cheese, pico, guacamole or sour cream
Homewrecker H-burrito 12-rice beans meat cheese pico guacamole sour cream lettuce
Art Vandelay A-burrito 12-Rice beans cheese pico guacamole sour cream lettuce
Super Kingpin SK-quesadilla 10-cheese pico(side) sour cream(side)
John Coctostan JC-quesadilla 10-cheese beans meat pico(side)sour cream(side)
Instant Friend I-quesadilla 10-cheese beans sauteed peppers/onions/mushrooms pico[side] sour cream[side]
Funk Meister FM-taco 6-beans meat cheese pico lettuce
Overachiever O-taco 6- beans meat cheese pico guacamole sour cream lettuce
Unanimous Decision U-taco 6- beans cheese pico guacamole sour cream lettuce
Ruprict R-nachos- beans queso pico jalapenos olives
Billy Barou BB-nachos-bean beat queso pico jalapenos olives
Personal Trainer PT-salad shell- lettuce beans cheese pico cucumbers olives
Close Talker CT-salad shell-lettuce beans meat cheese pico cucumbers olives
Alfredo Garcia AG- fajita (3) 8inch-2xmeat cheese pico lettuce sauteed peppers and onions
Fat Sam FS-fajita [3] 8in- 2xMeat cheese pico guacamole sour cream lettuce sauteed peppers and onions
Mini Masterpiece MM- kids items- 8 tortilla cheese pico[side] sourcream[side]
Moo Moo MOO- kids items- 10in tortilla rice beans meat cheese pico
Power Wagon PW- kids item- 6in tortilla meat cheese lettuce
Created by: shelbyshazam