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Anatomy Ch. 10

The Respiratory system

the _________________is responsible for exchanging atmospheric gases with those in the body's internal environment. respiratory system
_______________is taken up by the blood to fuel metabolism carried out by all of the body's cells oxygen
carbon dioxide, a metabolic waste, is removed from the cells to keep ________________ from seizing up metabolism
________________is carried out to ensure that atmospheric air comes in contact with the alveoli of the lungs ventilation
the _____________are the site of gaas diffusion alveoli
diffusion can only take place if the partial pressure of each gas is at the appropriate ratio to diffuse ______________ into the blood from teh lungs and carbon dioxide out of the blood into the lungs oxygen
____________diseases either affect the flow of air through the airways to the lungs, or they are caused by deterioration of the alveoli. lung
some lung disorders block or degrade the _______________lining, preventing the diffusion of gases. alveolar
certain lifestlye habits ______________the chances of lung diseases. increase
aging mostly affects lung _____________ and contributes to diseases that impair the airways. elasticity
______________infections and pollution contribute to lung aging. microbial
diseases of the ________________system also affect the respiratory system. cardiovascular
the respiratory system provides cells with the gas exchange needed for _________________ metabolism
breathing, or _________________ brings air into the respiatory system ventilation
gases are exchanged between the respiratory system and the blood by _______________ diffusion
the respiratory system is composed of the nose, __________________, paranasal sinuses, ________________, larynx, ______________, bronchial tree and lungs nasal cavity, pharynx, trachea
___________is cleaned and moistened in the nose, nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, and pharynx air
the nose, nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, and pharynx make up the ______________respiratory system upper
the larynx, trachea, bronchial tree, and lungs make up the _____________respiratory system lower
the _______________regulates coughing and separated the air and food parthways larynx
the _______________and _________________ direct air to the lungs trachea, bronchial tree
________________regulate the flow of air to lobules in the lungs bronchioles
______________are pockets of alveoli and blood vessels lubules
diffusion of gases takes place on the walls of the ________________ alveoli
_______________is due to the action of the muscles and bones of the thorax breathing
the ________________ and ________________nervous systems control breathing autonomic, somatic
inspration is due to contraction of the _______________and expansion of the _________ diaphragm, rib cage
________________is due to relaxation of the diaphragm and external contraction of intercostal muscles expiration
alveoli expand and fill with air upon ______________ inspiration
the _________________of gases in the air determines the direction of diffusion during breathing partial pressure
diseases of the respiratory system are ________________ or ________________ developmental, infectious
_________________diseases are sue to genetic conditions or life style factors developmental
developmental diseases affect the ___________ of the alveoli airways
microorganisms cause ______________ diseases infectious
most __________________cause disease specific to only the upper respiratory system or only the lower respiratory system microorganisms
some aging is due to _________ and __________ on the body wear, tear
_______________plays a significant role in respiratory system aging lifestyle
aging reduces the ability to carry out _______________ and _________________ inspiration, expiration
_________________reduces the diffusion of gases acroos the alveoli aging
aging of the respiratory system can be measured as different aspects of _____________________ breathing capacity
much of the respiratory system is lined with __________________ mucous membrane
the respiratory system develops from the embryonic ______________ system digestive
the shpae of the bronchial tree is supported by _________________ cartilage rings
in the respiratory tree, the _____________ has the smallest diameter bronchiole
in the respiratory system, gas exchange takes place in the ________________ alveolus
Created by: Lauren G.