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euro dates

1517 95 theses
1555 peace of augsburg
1588 defeat of the spanish armada
1603 Elizabeth I dies
1618 begining of 30 years war
1649 cormwell came to power in england
1660 the restoration in england
1688 glorious revolution
1713 pragmatic sanctionin austria
1715 Louis XIV dies
1776 Adam smith wrote the wealth of nations
1789 french revolution began
1795 final partition of poland
1799 Nepoleon comes to power in france
1804 Nepoleon became emperor
1815 Napoleon exiled, congress of vienna
1848 The Communist Manifesto
1861 Unification of italy. tsar Alexander II of Russia freed the serfs
1871 unification of germany
1914 beginning of WWI
1917 russian revolution
1918 end of WWI
1939 Beginning of WWII
1945 end of WWII
1961 berlin wall was built
1989 Fall of the soviet Bloc
1991 fall of the soviet union
Created by: thedelphine