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clin med

age 30-50 RA
Painful inflammation with tenderness on applied pressure to joint, or by moving joint. Swelling due to synovial hypertrophy or effusion RA
Ulnar drift, boutenniere changes, swan neck changes RA
crescent sign w/ lat malleoulus bakers cyst (RA)
DIP predominance with hard bony heberdeen and bouchard changes OA
hook osteophytes CPPD
< 30 min, over 50 yo, tender but no warmth or erythema, CREPITUS OA
Heberdens (DIP), bouchard PIP OA
xray:Joint space narrowing Subchondral sclerosis Osteophytes Subchondral cysts OA
peak age 15-40 SLE
Corresponds well with disease activity; present in GN dsDNA
Sicca, Photosensitivity, SCLE, Vasculitis, Late onset of dz SSA,SSB
Raynaud’s, Myositis, Sclerodactyly RNP
Thrombosis, Livedo, Valvular heart disease aPLA
Psychosis, Hepatitis Ribosomal P protein
antimalarial agents, thalidomide, prednisone, intralesion CS, MMF, dapsone, azathioprine, MTX skin dz
antimalarial agents, MTX, Arava, azathioprine, prednisone joint dz
corticosteroids, CTX IV, MMF, azathioprine renal
CTX IV, corticosteroids vasculitis, CNS dz
CTX IV, corticosteroids, plasmapheresis thrombocytopenia
stiff in am but gets better in late afternoon; >50 yo; stiff shoulders/hip girdles, neck and torso; ESR 40-100 PMR
HLA B 27 spondylarthropathy
Comma shaped, lower three thoracic/upper three lumbar are common sites syndesmophyte in SpA
Chronic inflammation of the axial skeleton, 20-30 yo AS
Created by: pipershields