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Word Roots PAR-POST

Word roots PAR-POST

PAR equal (par, disparity)
PARA next to, beside (parallel, parody)
PAS/PAT/PATH feeling, suffering, disease (apathy, compassion)
PATER/PATR father, support (patron, patriarch)
PAU/PO/POV/PU few, little, poor (poor, poverty)
PED child, education (pediatrician, encyclopedia)
PED/POD foot (pedal, pedestrian)
PEN/PUN to pay, to compensate (penalty, punitive)
PEND/PENS to hang, to weigh, to pay (depend, pensive)
PER completely, wrong (persistent, perjury)
PERI around (perimeter, peripheral)
PET/PIT to go, to seek, to strive (appetite, compete)
PHIL love (philosophy, philanthropy)
PHONE sound (telephone, symphony)
PLAC to please (placid, placate)
PLE to fill (complete, complement)
PLEX/PLIC/PLY to fold, to twist, to tangle, to bend (complex, comply)
PON/POS/POUND to put, to place (component, dispose)
PORT to carry (import, portable)
POST after (posterior, posterity)
•FIN end (final, define)
•FLAG/FLAM to burn (flame, flagrant)
•FLECT/FLEX to bend (deflect, flexible)
•FLICT to strike (afflict, inflict)
•FLU, FLUX to flow (fluid, influx)
•FORE before (foresight, foreshadow)
•FORT chance (fortune, fortuitous)
•FRA/FRAC/FRAG/FRING to break (fracture, fragile)
•FRUIT/FRUG fruit, produce (fruitful, frugal)
•FUND/FOUND bottom (foundation, founder)
•FUS to pour (transfusion, diffuse)
•GEN birth, creation, race, kind (generous, indigenous)
•GN/GNO know (recognize, cognitive)
•GRAND big (grand, grandiose)
•GRAT pleasing (grateful, gratuity)
•GRAV/GRIEV heavy, serious (grave, grievous)
•GREG hard (segregation, gregarious)
•GRESS/GRAD to step (progress, gradual)
•HER/HES to stick (coherent, cohesive)
•(H)ETERO different (heterosexual, heterogeneous)
•(H)OM same (homogeneous, anomaly)
•HYPER over, excessive (hyperactive, hyperbole)
•HYPO under, beneath, less than (hypochondriac, hypocritical)
•ID one's own (idiom, idiosyncrasy)
•IM/IN not, without (inactive, impartial)
•IM/IN/EM/EN in, into (embrace, influx)
•INFRA beneath (infrastructure, infrared)
•INTER between, among (interstate, interim)
•INTRA within (intrastate, intravenous)
•JECT to throw, to throw down (inject, trajectory)
•JOIN/JUNCT to meet, to join (junction, joint)
•JUR to swear (jury, perjury)
•LECT/LEG to select, to choose (collect, elegant)
•LEV life, light, rise (elevator, lever)
•LOC/LOG/LOQU word, speech (dialogue, eloquent)
•LUC/LUM/LUS light (illuminate, lucid)
•LUD/LUS to play (illusion, ludicrous)
•LUT/LUG/LUV to wash (dilute, deluge)
•MAG/MAJ/MAX big (magnify, major)
•MAL/MALE bad, ill, evil, wrong (malfunction, malevolent)
•MAN hand (manual, manufacture)
•MATER/MATR woman, mother (matrimony, maternity)
•MIN small (minute, diminish)
•MIN to project, to hang over (imminent, prominent)
•MIS/MIT to send (transmit, emissary)
•MISC mixed (miscellaneous, promiscuous)
•MON/MONIT to warn (monitor, summons)
•MORPH shape (amorphous, metamorphosis)
•MORT death (immortal, morgue)
•MUT change (mutation, immutable)
•NAM/NOM/NOUN/ NOWN/NYM rule, order (astronomy, autonomy)
•NAT/NAS/NAI to be born (natural, naïve)
•NEC/NIC/NOC/NOX harm, death (obnoxious, necromancy)
•NOM/NYM/NOUN/ NOWN name (synonym, noun)
•NOV/NEO/NOU new (novice, novel)
•NOUNC/NUNC to announce (announce, pronounce)
•OB/OC/OF/OP toward, to (against, completely, over obese, obtuse)
•OMNI all (omnipresent, omnipotent)
•PAC/PEAC peace (peace, pacify)
•PAN all, everywhere (panorama, pantheon)
Created by: jbissell
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