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Med Terms Final

adenoidectomy Removal of adenoids. (root) adenoid/o = adenoids (suffix) -ectomy = removal
bronchiectasis Dilation of the bronchus. (root) bronchi/o = bronchus (suffix) -ectasis = dilation
hypercapnia Excessive carbon dioxide. (prefix) hyper- = excessive (root) capn/o = carbon dioxide (suffix) -ia = condition
pneumoconiosis Abnormal condition of dust in the lungs. (root) pneum/o = lungs (root) coni/o = dust (suffix) -osis = abnormal condition
cyanosis Abnormal bluish discoloration. (root) cyan/o = blue (suffix) -osis = abnormal condition
laryngitis Inflammation of the larynx. (root) laryng/o = throat (suffix) -itis = inflammation
lobectomy Removal of a lobe of the lung. (root) lob/o = lobe of the lung (suffix) -ectomy = removal
orthopnea Breathing easier upright. (root) orth/o = straight (suffix) -pnea = breathing
hypoxia Low oxygen. (prefix) hypo- = low or deficient (root) ox/o = oxygen (suffix) -ia = condition
dysphonia Hoarseness. (prefix) dys- = painful (root) phon/o = voice (suffix) -ia = condition
pleurodynia Pain in the pleura. (root) pleur/o = pleura (suffix) -dynia = pain
pneumothorax Air in the pleural cavity. (root) pneum/o = air (suffix) -thorax = chest, pleural cavity
pulmonary Pertaining to the lungs. (root) pulmon/o = lungs (suffix) -ary = pertaining to
rhinorrhea Nasal discharge. (root) rhin/o = nose (suffix) -rrhea = discharge
rhinoplasty Surgical repair of the nose. (root) rhin/o = nose (suffix) -plasty = repair
spirometer Instrument for measuring breathing. (root) spir/o = breathing (suffix) -meter = measure
atelectasis Collapsed lung. (prefix) a- = not, without (root) tel/o = complete (suffix) -ectasis = dilation, expansion
tracheotomy Incision of the trachea. (root) trache/o = trachea (suffix) -otomy = incision
empyema Pus in pleural cavity. (root) em = in (root) py/o = pus (suffix) -ema = condition
anosmia No smell. (prefix) an- = no, not, without (suffix) -osmia = smell
hyperpnea Excessive deep breathing. (prefix) hyper- = excessive (suffix) -pnea = breathing
tachypnea Rapid breathing. (prefix) tachy- = fast, rapid (suffix) -pnea = breathing
hemothorax Blood in the pleural cavity. (root) hem/o = blood (suffix) -thorax = chest, pleural cavity
COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
CPR Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
DPT Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus.
PFTs Pulmonary function tests.
SOB Shortness of breath.
TB Tuberculosis.
URI Upper Respiratory Infection.
basophil White blood cell with basic dye attraction. (root) bas/o = base (alkaline) (suffix) -phil = attraction to
hypochromia Decreased color of red blood cells.
anticoagulant Substance against clotting.
erythrocytopenia Deficiency of red blood cells.
granulocyte White blood cells with granules.
hematocrit Separation of red blood cells.
hemoglobinopathy Hemoglobin disease.
anisocytosis Non-equal sized red blood cells.
leukocytopenia White blood cell deficiency.
morphology Study of change in shape.
poikilocytosis Irregularly shaped red blood cells.
spherocytosis Abnormally round red blood cells.
plasmapheresis Removal of plasma from rest of blood.
erytoblast Immature red blood cell. (root) erythr/o = red (suffix) -blast = immature
microcytosis Abnormally small red blood cells
hemoglobin Blood protien.
hematopoiesis Formation of blood.
erythropoiesis Formation of red blood cells.
myelopoiesis Formation of bone marrow.
BMT Bone marrow transplantation.
CBC Complete blood count.
Hct Hematocrit.
Hg, HGB Hemoglobin.
PT Prothrombin time.
PTT Partial thromboplastin time.
immunoglobulin Protection protein.
immunosuppression Compromised immune system.
lymphopoiesis Lymph formation. (root) lymph/o = lymph (suffix) -poiesis = formation, growth
lymphocytopenia Lymphocyte deficiency. (root) lymph/o = lymph (root) cyt/o = cell (suffix) -penia = deficiency
lymphadenopathy Lymph gland disease. (root) lymphaden/o = lymph node, gland (suffix) -pathy = disease
splenomegaly Enlarged spleen. (root) splen/o = spleen (suffix) -megaly = enlargement
splenectomy Removal of the spleen. (root) splen/o = spleen (suffix) -ectomy = removal
thymoma Malignant tumor of thymus gland. (root) thym/o = thymus gland (suffix) -oma = tumor
thymectomy Removal of thymus gland. (root) thym/o = thymus gland (suffix) -ectomy = removal
anaphylaxis Severe allergic reaction.
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
HIV Human immunodeficiency virus, causes AIDS.
HSV Herpes simplex virus.
KS Kaposi sarcoma.
hypercalcemia Excessive blood calcium. (prefix) hyper- = excessive (root) calc/o = calcium (suffix) -emia = blood condition
kyphosis Abnormal condition of humpback.
laminectomy Removal of lamina.
lordosis Abnormal condition of swayback.
osteodystrophy Abnormal formation of bone.
scoliosis Abnormal condition of lateral spine curvature.
spondylolisthesis Forward slipping vertabra.
osteoblast Immature bone cell.
epiphysis Ends of long bones.
osteoporosis Abnormal condition of bone pores.
osteomalacia Abnormal softening of bone.
osteotome Instrument to cut bone.
acetabular Pertaining to the hip socket.
carpal Pertaining to the wrist. (root) carp/o = wrist (suffix) -al = pertaining to
supraclavicular Pertaining to above the clavicle. (prefix) supra- = above (root) clavic/o = clavix (suffix) -ar = pertaining to
subcostal Pertaining to below the ribs.
chondrocostal Pertaining to rib cartilage.
craniotomy Incision of the skull.
femoral Pertaining to the femur.
malleolar Pertaining to the malleolus.
mandibular Pertaining to the mandible.
olecranal Pertaining to the elbow.
pelvimetry Measurement of the pelvis.
peroneal Pertaining to the fibula.
tarsectomy Removal of tarsals.
ankylosis Abnormal condition of stiff joints.
arthroplasty Repair of a joint.
hemarthrosis Abnormal condition of blood in a joint.
hydrarthrosis Abnormal condition of fluid in a joint.
bursitis Inflammation of bursae.
achondroplasia Abnormal cartilage development.
chondroma Benign tumor of cartilage.
chondromalacia Abnormal softening of the cartilage.
rheumatologist Specialist in the study of joints.
tenosynovitis Inflammation of tendon and sheath.
polyarthritis Inflammation of many joints.
arthrotomy Incision of a joint.
arthrodesis Surgical fusing of a joint.
fasciectomy Removal of fascia.
fibromyalgia Pain of muscles and fibers.
leiomyoma Benign tumor of smooth muscle.
leiomyosarcoma Malignant tumor of smooth muscle and connective tissue.
myalgia Muscle pain.
myopathy Muscle disease.
rhabdomyoma Benign tumor of skeletal muscle.
rhabdomyosarcoma Malignant tumor of skeletal muscle and connective tissue.
amyotrophic Pertaining to lack of muscle development.
dorsiflexion Bending foot upward.
myasthenia gravis Lack of strength in skeletal muscles.
polymyalgia Pain in many muscles.
C1-C7 Cervical vertebrae.
Ca Calcium
CTS Carpal tunnel syndrome.
EMG Electromyography.
L1-L5 Lumbar vertebrae.
T1-T12 Thoracic vertebrae.
TMJ Temporomandibular joint.
albinism Lack of pigment in skin, hair and eyes.
electrocautery Electrical instrument to burn tissue.
subcutaneous Pertaining to below the skin.
dermatoplasty Repair of the skin.
dermabrasion Scraping away of the skin.
epidermolysis Loosening of the epidermis.
diaphoresis Profuse sweating.
erythema Widespread redness of skin.
anhidrosis Abnormal condition of no sweat.
ichthyosis Abnormal condition of scaly skin.
keratosis Abnormal condition of hard skin.
leukoplakia White plaques.
liposuction Vacuuming of fat.
melanoma Malignant tumor of melanocytes.
onycholysis Separation of nail.
onychomycosis Abnormal condition of nail fungus.
paronychia Swelling around the nail.
rhytidectomy Removal of wrinkles.
seborrhea Discharge of sebum.
trichomycosis Abnormal condition of hair fungus.
subungual Pertaining to under the nail.
xeroderma Dry skin.
bx Biopsy.
Derm. Dermatology
PPD Purified protein derivative.
SLE Systemic lupus erythematosus.
aqueous humor Anterior eye chamber fluid.
blepharitis Inflammation of the eyelid.
conjunctivitis Inflammation of the conjunctiva.
anisocoria Unequal sized pupils.
cycloplegic Paralysis of ciliary muscle.
dacryoadenitis Inflammation of the tear duct. (root) dacry/o = tear (root) aden/o = gland (suffix) -itis = inflammation
iridectomy Removal of the iris.
lacrimation Process of tearing.
ophthalmologist Specialist in the study of eyes.
Ophthalmoplegia Paralysis of eye muscles.
optometrist Non-physician eye specialist.
palpebral Pertaining to the eyelid.
papilledema Swelling of optic disc.
phacoemulsification Ultrasonic cataract extraction.
aphakia Without a lens.
amblyopia Dullness of vision.
diplopia Double vision.
mydriasis Enlargement of the pupils.
nyctalopia Night blindness.
photophobia Sensitivity to light. (root) phot/o = light (suffix) -phobia = fear
presbyopia Older age vision.
scotoma Blind spot.
hyperopia Farsightedness.
hemianopsia Half vision.
esotropia Inward turning of the eye.
acoustic Pertaining to sound.
audiometer Instrument to measure hearing.
postauricular Pertaining to behind the ear.
myringotomy Incision of eardrum.
otomycosis Abnormal condition of ear fungus.
otolaryngologist Specialist in the study of the ears and larynx.
tympanoplasty Repair of the eardrum.
hyperacusis Acute sensitivity to sounds.
presbycusis Deafness occurring with the process of aging.
macrotia Abnormally large ears.
microtia Abnormally small ears.
OD Right eye.
OS Left eye.
OU Both eyes.
PERRLA Pupils equal, round, reactive to light adn accommodation.
VA Visual acuity.
VF Visual field.
AD Right ear.
AS Left ear.
HEENT Head, eyes, ear, nose and throat.
adenectomy Removal of a gland. (root) aden/o = gland (suffix) -ectomy = removal
adrenopathy Disease of adrenal gland.
gonadotropin Stimulating sex glands.
pancreatectomy Removal of the pancreas. (root) pancreat/o = pancreas (suffix) -ectomy = removal
parathyroidectomy Removal of parathyroid gland.
hypopituitarism Pituitary gland deficiency.
hypercalcemia Excessive blood calcium.
hypocalcemia Low blood calcium.
corticosteroid Adrenocortex hormone.
endocrinologist Specialist in the study of endocrine glands. (root) endocrin/o = endocrine system (root) log/o = study (suffix) -ist = specialist
glycogen Animal starch.
homeostasis Hormonal balance.
hypokalemia Low blood potassium.
prolactin Milk producing hormone.
myxedema Mucus skin accumulation.
hyponatremia Deficient blood sodium.
somatotropin Pituitary growth hormone.
oxytocin Rapid child birth.
thyrotoxicosis Abnormal condition of thyroid poisoning.
epinephrine Adrenal medulla hormone.
euthyroid Normal thyroid.
panhypopituitarism Deficiency of all pituitary hormones.
ADH Antidiuretic hormone.
FBS Fasting blood sugar.
TFT Thyroid function test.
TSH Thyroid-stimulating hormone.
cachexia General ill health.
carcinoma in situ Localized cancer.
fibrosarcoma Malignant tumor of fibers and connective tissue.
follicular Pertaining to glandular sacs.
fungating tumor Mushroom shaped tumor.
medullary tumor Soft tumor.
mutagenic Pertaining to causing genetic change.
oncology Study of tumors.
papillary Pertaining to nipple-like cell growth.
dysplastic Pertaining to abnormal formation.
pleomorphic Variety of tumor cells.
polypoid tumor Polyp-resembling tumor.
scirrhous Hard tumor.
xerostomia Dry mouth.
retinoblastoma Immature malignant retinal tumor.
neuroblastoma Immature malignant nerve tumor.
angiogenesis Vessel formation.
neoplasm New growth.
anaplasia Backward formation.
apoptosis Programmed cell death.
brachytherapy Short distance treatment.
metastasis 2nd stage cancer.
BMT Bone marrow transplantation.
CA Cancer.
mets Metastases.
NED No evidence of disease.
PSA Prostate-specific antigen.
TNM Tumor, nodes, metastases.
radioisotope Radioactive form of an element.
radiopharmaceutical Pertaining to radioactive drugs.
radiography Process of recording x-ray images.
roentgenology Study of x-rays.
computed tomography Computerized x-ray slices.
in vitro In test tube.
in vivo In body.
hysterosalpingogram Record of fallopian tubes and uterus.
radiolucent Pass through x-rays.
radiopaque Obscured x-rays.
echocardiography Process of recording heart echo.
ultrasonography Process of recording sound waves.
Angio Angiography.
AP Anteroposterior.
Ba Barium.
MRA Magnetic resonance angiography.
PA Posteroanterior.
PET Positron emission tomography.
UGI Upper gastrointestinal
US, U/S Ultrasound
analgesic Pain relieving drug.
idiosyncrasy Unexpected effect of a drug.
synergism Two drugs working together.
anesthesia Without nervous sensation.
antihistamine Histamine blocker.
sublingual Pertaining to under the tongue.
narcotic Stupor-like drug.
pharmacology Study of drugs.
antipruritic Anti-itching drug.
antipyretic Anti-fever drug.
intrathecal Pertaining to sheath of brain and spinal cord.
toxicology Study of poison.
anaphylaxis Severe allergic reaction.
antidote Against poison.
contraindication Against indication.
gt, gtt Drops.
IM Intramuscular.
IV Intravenous.
NPO Nothing by mouth.
PCA Patient-controlled analgesia.
PDR Physician's Desk Reference.
p.o. By mouth.
p.r.n. As needed.
anxiolytic Anti-anxiety drug.
hallucinogen False sensory perception.
hypnosis Trance-like state.
psychiatrist A physician who specializes in the treatment of the mind.
schizophrenia Split mind.
psychosis Abnormal condition of the mind.
psychotherapy Treatment of the mind.
schizoid Resembling schizophrenia.
psychosomatic Pertaining to mind and body.
psychogenic Pertaining to produced by the mind.
kleptomania Obsessed with stealing.
pyromania Obsessed with fire.
agoraphobia Fear of marketplace.
xenophobia Fear of strangers.
euphoria Feeling good.
dysphoria Unpleasant feeling.
cyclothymia Recurring depression.
dysthymia Depressed mood.
apathy Lack of empathy.
hypochondriasis Preoccupation with one's health.
paranoia Overly suspicious.
AD Alzheimer disease.
ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
ADL Activities of daily living.
DT Delirium tremens.
I.Q. Intelligence quotient.
OCD Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
SAD Seasonal affective disorder.
GTT Glucose tolerance test.
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