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ACE Personal Trainer Study Cards Ch6

The YMCA submaximal step test is measuring: A. Exercise heart rate B. Recovery heart rate C. Recovery blood pressure D. Exercise blood pressure 1 B. Recovery heart rate
An individual is visiting you for testing and takes beta-blocker medication for his heart. what would be the most appropriate method to evaluate how hard he is exercising? 2 Borg RPE scale
Which of the following is an example of a muscle endurance test a) Push up test b) VO2 max test c) 3-min step test d) BYU jogging test 3 a) push up test
Which of the following measures must be included with hydrostatic weighing in order to get a more accurate result? a) residual volume b) vital capacity c) body mass index d) non-chlorinated water 4 a) residual volume
What is heart rate maximum reserve? 5 The result of subtracting the resting heart rate from the maximal heart rate; represents the working heart rate range between rest and maximal heart rate within which all activity occurs.
What is an informed consent? 6 Voluntary acknowledgement of the purpose, procedures, and specific risks of an activity which one intends to engage.
What is GXT? 7 Graded exercise (stress) test; A test that measures exact maximum aerobic capacity.
What is the Karvonen Formula? 8 The mathematical formula that uses maximum heart rate minus resting heart rate to determine target range. Training HR = (max. HR- resting HR) x (desired intensity [50-85%]) + RHR
What is the minimum evaluation you should complete with a client? 9 Health/risk screening and exercise history and readiness assessment.
How long should you wati before administering follow-up exercise tests on your client. 10 The frequency of follow-up testing will depend on the quality and quantity of the exercise training. The first follow up tests will be usually administered 4-12 weeks prior the onset of the exercise training.
What does systolic number and diastolic number for blood pressure represent? 11 The upper number, systolic, represents the pressure created by the heart as it pumps blood to the body. This is the max. pressure created by the heart during a complete cardiac cycle. The lower number, diastolic, represents the pressure that remains in t
How is cardiorespiratory fitness testing assessed? 12 It can be assessed directly by measurement of oxygen uptake during a maximal graded exercise test or indirectly by estimating maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max) from th heart rate response to a sub maximal work-load.
How would you convert absolute oxygen uptake to relate oxygen uptake? ex. weight = 251 lbs. absolute O2 = 3.811/min 13 1. Body weight (convert lbs to kg) 251 lbs/2.2 lbs/kg = 114kg 2. O2 uptake 1/min to ml/min 3.811 O2/min x 1000ml/1 = 3810 ml O2/min 3. Absolute to Relative 3810ml O2/min divided by 114 kg= 33.4 ml O2/kg/min
Name the 3 sub maximal test protocols. 14 a) Ross sub-maximal treadmill protocol b) YMCA sub-maximal step test c) YMCA sub-maximal bicycle test d) McArdle step test e) Rockport fitness walking test
What are the four most common methods of assessing body composition? 15 1. Hydrostatic weighing 2. Circumference measurements 3.Bioelectric impulses 4. Skin fold measurements
What measurment is the "gold standard" of body composition assessment? 16 Hydrostatic weighing
What is BMI? 17 Body Mass Index = weight divided by height. 1. Body weight (convert lbs - kg.) 209lbs/2.2lbs/kg = 95kg 2. Height: (convert inches to meters) 70in. x 2.54cm/in = 178 3. BMI = 95/(1.78)2 = 30
What is an anthropometric assessment? 18 Circumference and skinfold measures to estimate body fat and its distribution.
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