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childhood diseases

Childhood Diseases

Mental or physical disease which is always present at birth but not always detectable Congenital Anomalies
2 procedures to check for congenital anomalies which are invasive & may pose a risk to mother & fetus Amniocentesis & CVB (chorionic Villus Biopsy)
premature is being born at which time 37th week of gestation
Premature babies are born with Hyaline membrane disease aka IRDS (Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome)
What is IRDS Lack of surfactant to allow alveoli to expand
Paralysis from damage to the CNS from lack of oxygen is what disease Cerebral palsy
A group of malformations of spine with back of spine partially or completely absent is called Spina Bifida
Cerebral spinal fluid is increased or blocked resulting in an enlarged head is what disease Hydrocephalus
what is the term for an abnormal small head microcephaly
When a child is born with microcephaly and mental retardation what is this disease called Cri-du-Chat Syndrome (Cat's Cry Syndrome)
When a child is born with almost no brain tissue what is this called Anencephaly
A child born with an extra chromosome of 21 has what Down Syndrome
A child under the agae of 5 with a nephroblastoma (a highly malignant neoplasm of kidney) has Wilm's tumor
What is tranposition of great arteries on the heart The aorta & pulmonary artery are reversed
What is the disease that has narrowing of the pyloric sphincter Congenital Pyloric Stenosis
What is the most common fatal genetic disease which has a chornic dysfunction of the exocrine gland producing too much mucous Cystic Fibrosis
when a child has a positive Guthrie test and must be placed on a phenylalanine free diet what is this called Phenylketonuria
what is Erythroblastosis Fetalis incompatible Rh factor - hemolytic disease of the newborn
symptoms of Fetal Alcohol syndrome are low nasal bridge; short nose; thin upper lip; epicanthal folds; indistinct philtrum; flat midface
what is Croup inflammation & obstruction of larynx, trachea & bronchi
What disease is caled by varicella - zoster virus Chicken Pox (varicella)
What is also known as Epidemic Parotitis Mumps
What is also known as Rubells (3 day measles) German Measles
What is classed as hypothermia core body temp must be less than 95 degrees
what is classed as hyperthermia core body temp must be more than 105 degrees
what is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome entrapment & compression of median nerve in the carpal tunnel
what is Shaken Baby Syndrome Bleeding in the brain
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