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Socialstudies splash

social studies

Where is Dracula's castle located? Romania
What country where would I hear the story of the Loch Ness monster? Scotland
Where is the leaning tower of Pisa? Rome
What country was Mother Teresa born? Macedonia
Where did Ann Frank write her diary? Amsterdam
What country was Skype invented? United Kingdom
What is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Sarejevo
What is Pristina the capital of? Kosovo
Where is the Parthenon? Greece
What is the capital of the Czech Republic? Prague
Which two countries border the Bay of Biscay? Spain and France
What is the highest point on the Alps? Mont Blanc
What river runs through Paris, France River Seine
What peninsula is Spain and Portugal located on? Iberian Peninsula
What countries border the North Sea? Denmark, Netherlands,UK, Norway,and Belgium
Where are the Appenines Mountains located? Ialy
What is the capital of Russia? Moscow
Where are the Ural Mountains located? Between Asia and Europe
Where was the battle of the waterloo located? huffgcgnjcfxvfbnvn
What is the longest river in Italy? The Po River
What is the capital of Croatia? Zagreb
Whats the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina? Sarajevo
Created by: socialstudies4