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Medical Roots T-Z

Word Parts

MeaningWord Part
together syn-, sym-
tone ton/o
tongue gloss/o, lingu/o
tonsil tonsill/o
toward ad-
toxin tox/o, toxic/o
trachea trache/o
true eu-
tube salping/o
tumor onc/o, -oma
twice bi-, di-
twisted and swollen vein varic/o
two bi-, di-, dipl/o
tympanic cavity tympan/o
tympanic membrane myring/o, tympan/o
ultrasound son/o
unchanging homo-, homeo-
unconsciousness narc/o
under hypo-, sub-
unequal hetero-
upon epi-
upright ortho-
ureter ureter/o
urethra urethr/o
urine, urinary tract, urination ur/o, -uria
uterus hyster/o, metr/o, uter/o
uvea uve/o
vagina colp/o, vagin/o
valve valv/o, valvul/o
varied poikilo-
vas deferens vas/o
vein ven/o, ven/i, phleb/o
ventricle ventricul/o
vertebra spondyl/o, vertebr/o
vessel angi/o, vas/o, vascul/o
vestibular apparatus, vestibule vestibul/o
virus vir/o
vision opt/o, -opia, -opsia
voice -phonia
vomiting emesis
vulva episi/o, vulv/o
water hydr/o
white leuk/o
white blood cell leuk/o, leukocyt/o
widening ectasia, ectasis, dilation, dilatation
within endo-, intra-
without a-, an-, de-
woman gyn/o, gynec/o
woman who has given birth para
work erg/o
x-ray radi/o
yellow xanth/o-