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Disease Terminology

Acute disease that occurs for a short time, no more then two weeks
Chronic disease that lasts for longer periods of time
Communicable disease that is transmissible by direct or indirect contact, contagious
Complicating a disease that occurs during or after an illness that has the same cause as the original disease
Congential highly transmitable disease
Deficiency disease resulting as a lack of something
Endemic occurs continuously or recurrently in a particular area
Epidemic disease that attacks a large number of people living in a particular region
Functional disease with no significant change
Hereditary disease thats transmitted geneticly from the parent
Idiopathic the cause of the disease is unknown
Occupational a disease that results from the patients job
Organic disease where there a significant anatomical changes in the tissues or organs
Pandemic disease that occurs worldwide at a time
Primary term used to characterize a disease
Psychosomatic mental problems
Prognosis amount of time the patient has to recover or die
Secondary disease that results from a define contributing factor
Sporadic disease that doesnt happen all the time
Subacute a disease that doesnt happen suddenly but very slowly and doesnt have severe symptoms then it goes away
Created by: insaane915