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Chps. 20 & 21

radiology & pharmacology

a.c., ac before meals (ante cibum)
b.i.d., bid two times a day (bis in die)
FDA Food and Drug Administration
HRT hormone replacement therapy
IV inravenous
SL sublingual
SQ subcutaneous
angio angiography
Ba barium
IVP intravenous pyelogram
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
PET positron emission tomography
UGI upper gastrointestinal
US, U/S ultrasound; ultrasonography
V/Q scan ventilation-perfusion scan of lungs
radiology medical specialty of the study of x-rays
xrays invisible waves of energy
nuclear medicine radioactivity and radionuclides
PET positron
doppler ultrasound and color flow imaging record blood flow velocity
bone scan Tc is injected intravenously and the skeleton is imaged.
radiolucent substance which permits passage of x-rays
radiopaque substance that absorbs x-rays
straight lines allows the formation of precise shadow images on x-ray plate
scattering of x-rays occurs when x-rays come into contact with any material.
CT (CAT) scan Computed tomography - beaming x-rays at multiple angles
contrast studies
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