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Med. Term. 19

Medical Terminology Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms "V, X, Y, Z"

vaccin/o- giving a vaccine
vagin/o- vagina
vag/o- wandering; vagus nerve
valv/o- valve
valvul/o- valve
varic/o- varix; varicose vein
vascul/o- blood vessel
vas/o- blood vessel; vas deferens
vegetat/o- growth
veget/o- vegetable
venere/o- sexual intercourse
ven/i- vein
ven/o- vein
ventilat/o- movement of air
ventil/o- movement of air
vent/o- a coming
ventricul/o- ventricle (lower heart chamber, chamber in the brain)
ventr/o- front; abdomen
verd/o- green
-verse to travel; to turn
vers/o- to travel; to turn
vertebr/o- vertebra
vert/o- to travel; to turn
vesic/o- bladder; fluid-filled sac
vesicul/o- bladder; fluid-filled sac
vestibul/o- vestibule (entrance)
vest/o- to dress
viril/o- masculine
vir/o- virus
viscer/o- large internal organs
viscos/o- thickness
vis/o- sight; vision
vitre/o- transparent substance
voc/o- voice
volunt/o- done of one's one free will
vuls/o- to tear
vulv/o- vulva
xanth/o- yellow
xen/o- foreign
xer/o- dry
xiph/o- sword
-zoon animal; living thing
zygomat/o- zygoma (cheekbone)
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