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Med. Term. 17

Medical Terminology Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms "S"

sacchar/o- sugar
sacr/o- sacrum
sagitt/o- going from front to back
saliv/o- saliva
salping/o- uterine (fallopian tube)
-salpinx uterine (fallopian tube)
saphen/o- clearly visible
sarc/o- connective tissue
satur/o- filled up
scal/o- series of graduated steps
scaph/o- boat shaped
scapul/o- scapula (shoulder blade)
schiz/o- split
scient/o- science; knowledge
scint/i- point of light
scintill/o- point of light
sceler/o- hard; sclera (white of the eye)
scoli/o- curved; crooked
-scope instrument used to examine
scop/o- examine with an instrument
-scopy process of using an instrument to examine
scot/o- darkness
script/o- write
scrot/o- a bag; scrotum
sebace/o- sebum (oil)
seb/o- sebum (oil)
secret/o- produce; secrete
sect/o- to cut
sedat/o- to calm agitation
semi- half; partly
semin/i- spermatozoon; sperm
semin/o- spermatozoon; sperm
sen/o- old age
sensitiv/o- affected by; sensitive to
sensit/o- affected by; sensitive to
sens/o- sensation
sensor/i- sensory
septic/o- infection
sept/o- septum (dividing wall)
ser/o- serum of the blood; serumlike fluid
sex/o- sex
sial/o- saliva; salivary gland
sigmoid/o- sigmoid colon
-sin a substance
sin/o- hollow cavity; channel
sinus/o- sinus
-sis process; condition; abnormal condition
skelet/o- skeleton
soci/o- human beings; community
somat/o- body
-some a body
somn/o- sleep
som/o- body
son/o- sound
sorb/o- to suck up
spad/o- tear; opening
-spasm sudden. involuntary muscle contraction
spasm/o- spasm
spasmod/o- spasm
spast/o- spasm
spermat/o- spermatozoon; sperm
sperm/o- spermatozoon; sperm
sphen/o- wedge shape
spehnoid/o- sphenoid bone; sphenoid sinus
-sphere sphere; ball
spher/o- sphere; ball
sphincter/o- sphincter
sphygm/o- pulse
spin/o- spine; backbone
spir/o- breathe; a coil
splen/o- spleen
spondyl/o- vertebra
squam/o- scalelike cell
stal/o- contraction
-stalsis process of contraction
staped/o- stapes (stirrup-shaped bone)
-stasis condition of standing still; staying in one place; stopping
stas/o- standing still; staying in one place; stopping
stat/o- standing still; staying in one place; stopping
steat/o- fat
sten/o- narrowness; constriction
stere/o- three dimensions
stern/o- sternum (breast bone)
-steroid steroid
steroid/o- steroid
-sterol lipid-containing compound
steth/o- chest
sthen/o- strength
stigmat/o- point; mark
stimul/o- exciting; strengthening
stomat/o- mouth
stom/o- surgically created opening or mouth
-stomy surgically created opening
strangul/o- to constrict
strept/o- curved
stress/o- disturbing stimulus
styl/o- stake
sub- below; underneath; less than
sucr/o- sugar (cane sugar)
suct/o- to suck
sudor/i- sweat
su/i- self
super- above; beyond
superfici/o- on or near surface
super/o- above
supinat/o- lying on the back
supposit/o- placed beneath
suppress/o- press down
suppur/o- pus formation
supra- above
surg/o- operative procedure
suspens/o- hanging
sym- together; with
symptomat/o- collection of symptoms
syn- together
syncop/o- fainting
synovi/o- synovium (membrane)
synov/o- synovium (membrane)
system/o- the body as a whole
-systole contraction
systol/o- contracting
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