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Medical Roots M-O

Word Parts

MeaningWord Part
male andr/o
many multi-, poly-
measure metr/o
measurement of -metry
medulla oblongata medull/o
melanin melan/o
meninges mening/o, meninge/o
menstruation men/o, mens
middle meso-
milk galact/o, lact/o
mimicking -mimetic
mind psych/o
mold myc/o
molding -plasia
month men/o, mens
mouth or/o, stoma, stomat/o
movement kine, kinesi/o, kinet/o
much poly-
mucus muc/o, myx/o
mucous membrane muc/o
muscle my/o, muscul/o
nail onych/o
narrowing stenosis
near ad-, juxta-, para-
neck cervic/o
nerve, nervous system neur/o, neur/i
network reticul/o
neuroglia gli/o
new neo-
night noct/i, nyct/o
nipple papill/o
nitrogen compound azot/o
none nulli-
normal eu-, normo-
nose nas/o, rhin/o
not a-, an-, in-, im-, un-
nourishment -trophy, -trophia
nucleus kary/o
obsession mania
old presby-
one mon/o-, uni-
one side hemi-
opening (created surgically) -stomy
origin gen, genesis
other hetero-
out, outside ecto-, ex/o, extra-
outer portion cortic/o
ovary ovari/o, oophor/o
over hyper-, epi-
oviduct salping/o
ovum oo, ov/o
oxygen oxy, -oxia