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Medical Roots E-H

Word Parts

MeaningWord Part
ear ot/o
easy eu-
eat phag/o
egg oo, ov/o
electricity electr/o
embryo embry/o
end tel/e, tel/o, acro
endocrine endocrin/o
enlargement -megaly
enzyme -ase
epididymis epididym/o
equal iso-
esophagus esophag/o
eustachian (auditory) tube salping/o
examination of -scopy
excess hyper-, super-
excision -ectomy
excited state mania
expansion dilation, dilatation, ectasia, ectasis
extremity acro
eye ocul/o, opthalm/o, opt/o, -opia
eyelid blephar/o, palpebr/o
false pseudo-
fascia fasci/o
fat adip/o, lip/o
fatty steat/o
fear phobia
feeding troph/o, -trophy, -trophia
fetus fet/o
fetus (malformed) terat/o
fever, fire pyr/o, pyret/o
few oligo-
fiber fibr/o, in/o
field of medicine -iatrics, -iatry
finger dactyl
first prim/i
fissure -schisis
fixation (surgical) -pexy
flow -rhea
fluid hydr/o
foot ped/o, pod
form morph/o
formation gen, genesis, -plasia, -poiesis
four quadr/i
fungus myc/o
fusion -desis
gall chol/e, chol/o
gallbladder cholecyst/o
ganglion gangli/o, ganglion/o
gas aer/o, pneum/o, pneumon/o, pneumat/o
gland aden/o
glomerulus glomerul/o
glucose gluc/o, glyc/o
good eu-
grapelike cluster staphyl/o
growth -trophy, -trophia
gums gingiv/o
hair trich/o
half hemi-, semi-
hand cheir/o, chir/o
hard scler/o
hardening sclerosis
head cephal/o
hearing acous, acus, audi/o, cus
heart cardi/o
heat therm/o
hemorrhage -rhage, -rhagia
hernia -cele
hidden crypt/o
horny layer of skin kerat/o
hypophysis hypophys, pituitar