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Medical Roots C-D

Word Parts

MeaningWord Part
calculus lith
calyx cali, calic
cancer carcin/o
carbon dioxide -capnia
carcinoma carcin/o
cartilage chondr/o
cavity ventricul/o
cecum cec/o
cell -cyte, cyt/o
cerebellum cerebell/o
cerebral cortex cortic/o
cerebrum cerebr/o
cervix cervic/o
chain (twisted) strept/o
cheek bucc/o
chemical chem/o
chest thorac/o, steth/o
child ped/o
choroid chori/o, choroid/o
ciliary body cycl/o
ciliary muscle cycl/o
clitoris clitor/o, clitorid/o
clot thromb/o
coccyx coccy, coccyg/o
cochlea cochle/o
cold cry/o
colon col/o, colon/o
color chrom/o, chromat/o
colorless leuk/o
common bile duct choledoch/o
condition of -ia, -ia/sis, -ism, -o/sis, -sis, -y
constriction stenosis
contraction (sudden) spasm
cornea corne/o, kerat/o
correct ortho-
cramp spasm
crushing -tripsy
cutting -tomy
cutting instrument -tome
dark melan/o
darkness nyct/o
data -gram
death of tissue necrosis
decreased, decrease in hypo-, -penia
deficiency of oligo-, -penia
destruction lysis
destroying -lytic
development -plasia
diaphragm phren/o
different hetero-
difficult dys-
dilatation, dilation ectasia, ectasis
dim ambly-
discharge -rhea
disease path/o, -pathy
dissolving lysis
double dipl/o-
down de-
dropping, downward displacement ptosis
drug pharmac/o
dry xero-
duct vas/o
duodenum duoden/o