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medical terminology2

NPO pre-op nothing by mouth before an operation
Do EENT exam in OPD do ear, eyes, nose, and throat exam in outpatient department
Ob-Gyn obstetrics-gynecology
500 mg qod 8 AM milligram every other day 8 am (before noon)
VS stat and q2h vital signs immediately every 2 hours
To PT by w/c for ROMs and ADL bid to physical therapy wheelchair for range of motion and activites of daily living twice a day
FF1 cl liq to 240 mL q2h force fluids clear liquids to milliliter every 2 hours
2 gtts OU qid q6h 2 drops each eye four times a day every 6 hours
Dx: COPD, O2 prn, IPPB bid q12h diagnosis: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease owygen whenever necessary intermittent positive pressure breathing twice a day every 12 hours
Sig: (pie) Cap po tid c- food or milk give the following directions 2 capsule by mouth 3 times a day with food or milk
Dx: CVA, CT of brain stat diagnosis: cerebalvascular accident, computerized tomography immediately
Rx: 20 mL KCL IV perscription: 20 milliliter potassium chloride intravenous
EMT is certified for ACLS emergancy medical technician is certified for advance cardiac life saver
craniotomy crani - pertaining to the skull otomy - cutting into = cutting into the brain
dysuria dys - difficult, painful, bad uria - urine = difficulty peeing
hysterectomy hyster - uterus ectomy - surgical removal of = removal of the uterus
hemotoxic hemo - blood toxic - poison = blood poison
Created by: kristinavali