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Med. Term. 15

Medical Terminology Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms "P"

palat/o- palate
palliat/o- reduce the severity of
palpat/o- touching; feeling
palpit/o- to throb
pan- all
pancreat/o- pancreas
papill/o- elevated structure
par- beside
para- beside; apart from; two parts of a pair; abnormal
parenchym/o- parenchyma (functional cells of an organ)
-paresis condition of weakness
pareun/o- sexual intercourse
pariet/o- wall of a cavity
par/o- birth
paroxysm/o- sudden, sharp attack
part/o- childbirth
-partum childbirth
parturit/o- to be in labor
patell/o- patella (kneecap)
-path disease; suffering
pathet/o- suffering
path/o- disease; suffering
-pathy disease; suffering; disease condition
pat/o- to be open
-pause cessation
paus/o- cessation
pect/o- stiff
pector/o- chest
pedicul/o- lice
ped/o- child
pelv/i- pelvis (hip bone; renal pelvis of kidney)
pelv/o- pelvis
pendul/o- hanging down
-penia condition of deficiency
pen/o- penis
pepsin/o- pepsin
peps/o- digestion
pept/o- digestion
per- throughout; through
percuss/o- tapping
perfor/o- to have an opening
peri- around
perine/o- perineum
peripher/o- outer aspects
peritone/o- peritoneum
periton/o- peritoneum
perone/o- fibula (lower leg bone on the lateral side of the leg)
person/o- person
petechi/o- petechiae
-pexy process of surgically fixing in place
phac/o- lens (eye)
-phage thing that eats
-phagia abnormal condition of eating and swallowing
phag/o- eating; swallowing
phak/o- lens (eye)
phalang/o- phalanx (finger or toe)
pharmaceutic/o- medicine; drug
pharmac/o- medicine; drug
pharyng/o- pharynx (throat)
-pharynx pharynx (throat)
-phasia abnormal condition of speech
phas/o- speech
phe/o- gray
-phil attraction to; fondness for
-phile person who is attracted to or is fond of
phil/o- attraction to; fondness of
phim/o- closed tight
phleb/o- vein
phob/o- fear; avoidance
phor/o- to bear; to carry; range
phosph/o- phosphorus
phot/o- light
phren/o- mind; diaphragm
phylact/o- guarding; protecting
-phylaxis condition of guarding or protecting
-phyma tumor; growth
physic/o- body
physi/o- physical function
-physis state of growing
phys/o- inflate; distend; grow
-phyte growth
pigment/o- pigment
pil/o- hair
pituitar/o- pituitary gland
pituit/o- pituitary gland
placent/o- placenta
plak/o- plaque
-plant procedure to transfer or graft
-plasia abnormal condition of growth
-plasm growth; formed substance
plasm/o- plasma
plas/o- growth; formation
plast/o- growth; formation
-plasty process of reshaping by surgery
-plegia condition of paralysis
pleg/o- paralysis
pleur/o- pleura (lung membrane)
-plex parts
-pnea breathing
pne/o- breathing
pneum/o- lung; air
pneumon/o- lung; air
pod/o- foot
-poiesis condition of formation
-poietin a substance that forms
poikil/o- irregular
polar/o- positive or negative state
pol/o- pole
poly- many; much
polyp/o- polyp
poplite/o- back of the knee
por/o- small openings; pores
port/o- point of entry
post- after; behind
poster/o- back part
potent/o- being capable of doing
pract/o- medical practice
pre- before; in front of
pregn/o- being with child
presby/o- old age
press/o- pressure
prevantat/o- prevent
prevent/o- prevent
priap/o- persistent erection
prim/i- first
pro- before
-probe rodlike instrument
proct/o- rectum and anus
product/o- produce
project/o- orientation
pronat/o- face down
prostat/o- prostate gland
prosthet/o- artificial part
protein/o- protein
proxim/o- near the center or point of origin
prurit/o- itching
psor/o- itching
psych/o- mind
-ptosis state of prolapse; drooping; falling
-ptysis abnormal condition of coughing up
puber/o- growing up
pub/o- pubis (hip bone)
pulmon/o- lung
pulsat/o- rhythmic throbbing
punct/o- hole; perforation
pupill/o- pupil (of the eye)
purul/o- pus
pyel/o- renal pelvis
pylor/o- pylorus
py/o- pus
pyret/o- fever
pyr/o- burning; fire
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