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Med. Term. 14

Medical Terminology Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms "O"

obes/o- fat
obsess/o- besieged by thoughts
obstetr/o- pregnancy and childbirth
obstip/o- severe constipation
obstruct/o- blocked by a barrier
occiput/o- occiput (back of head)
occlus/o- close against
ocul/o- eye
odont/o- tooth
odyn/o- pain
-oid resembling
-ol chemical substance
-ole small thing
olfact/o- the sense of smell
olig/o- scanty; few
olisthe/o- slipping
-olisthesis abnormal condition with slipping
-oma tumor; mass
-omatosis abnormal condition of multiple tumor or masses
oment/o- omentum
om/o- tumor; mass
omphal/o- umbilicus; navel
-on a substance; structure
onc/o- tumor; mass
-one chemical substance
onych/o- nail (fingernail or toenail)
o/o- ovum (egg)
oophor/o- ovary
operat/o- perform a procedure; surgery
ophidi/o- snake
ophthalm/o- eye
-opia condition of vision
opportun/o- well-timed; taking advantage of an opportunity
oppos/o- forceful resistance
-opsy process of viewing
optic/o- lenses; properties of light
opt/o- eye; vision
-or person or thing that produces or does
orbicul/o- small circle
orbit/o- orbit (eye socket)
orchi/o- testis
orch/o- testis
orex/o- appetite
organ/o- organ
or/o- mouth
orth/o- straight
-ory having the function of
-ose full of
-osing condition of doing
-osis condition; abnormal condition; process
osm/o- the sense of smell
osse/o- bone
ossicul/o- ossicle (little bone)
ossificat/o- changing into bone
oste/o- bone
ot/o- ear
-ous pertaining to
ovari/o- ovary
ov/i- ovum (egg)
ov/o- ovum (egg)
ovul/o- ovum (egg)
ox/i- oxygen
ox/o- oxygen
ox/y oxygen; quick
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