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itinerant mobile; not sedentary
poignant touching; heartrending
impetus a stimulus or encouragement
bucolic; rustic; pastoral charmingly rural
equanimity; unflappable calmness; composure
panache; verve; flamboyant great vigor and energy; dash
provocative provokes controversy
placid; serene very calm; quiet
fortuitous an accidental but fortunate occurence
dispel to drive away; scatter
amalgam a mixture; combination of different elements
viable; feasible possible
anguish agonizing physical or mental pain
intemperate lacking restraint; excessive
temperate exercising moderation
superficial shallow; lacking depth
laud; extol; tout; acclaim praise;applaud
dismissive to reject; disregard
disparage belittle; slight
pompous pretentious;filled with excessive self-importance
cryptic mysterious; having a hidden meaning
subtle a gradual almost imperceptible change
disparity an inequality; an inbalance
curtail to cut short or reduce
innocuous harmless
diatribe; tirade a bitter denunciation
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