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fmboard allergy/pulm

FM board exam 2010

anaphylaxis often requires what drug epinephrine, antihistamines, steroids and inhaled beta agonist
course of tx after needle stick from an HIV patient 2 antiretrovirals for 4 weeks asap
after positive ANA, what additional test are needed to confirm Lupus anti-smith, anti-DNA, antiphospholipids
most common cause of death in lupus patient kidney failure
4 categories of asthma mild intermittent, mild persistent, moderate persistent, severe persistent
mild intermittent sx's less than 2 times per week
mild persistent sx's more than 2 times per week
moderate persistent sx's daily that occasional affect activity
severe persistent sx's daily that affect daily activities
bronchiectasis abnormal and irreversible dilation of the bronchi
most common cause of bronchiectasis cystic fibrosis
what is found in 50-70% of cases of bronchietasis hemoptysis
what on physical exam may be diagnostic chronic hypoxemia clubbing
treatment of bronchiectasis chest physiotherapy, mucolytics, antibiotics, bronchodilators and surgical resection
test for cystic fibrosis sweat test-put electrodes on the skin and test for how much chloride is present(too much idicates a dx)
what genetic disorder is at risk for COPD alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency
pleural effusions: 2 types transudate and exudate
transudate systemic cause to disrupt in the balance of making and getting rid of fluid
exudate local factors which disrupt the balance
example of transudate heart failure, cirrhosis , PE, nephritic syndrome
example of exudate cancer, pneumonia
if amount of protein and ldh for pleural fluid and serum are given, how do you calculate whether fluid is exudate or transudate pl fluid/serum
if the pleural fluid/serum protein and LDH is over 0.5 exudate otherwise considered a transudate
compare clinical presentation of pneumothorax vs tension pneumothorax, both have 2 but tension may have 2 additional findings both have acute onset chest and SOB but tension may have tachycardia and hypotensive
pulmonary embolism findings on chest xray westermack sign(lucent area) or hamptons hump(wedge shaped opacity that pints towards the hilus)
2 complications of PE pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale
what type of skin lesions associated with sarcodosis erythema nodosum
erythema nodosum is defined as inflammation of fat cells under the skin leading to tender, red nodules
2 treatment for sarcodosis steroids and methotrexate
types of lung cancer small cell(20%) and non small cell(80%)better prognosis over all
types of non small cell squamous cell, adenocarcinoma, and large cell
how are lung cancers staged non small cell vs small cell non small cell stage I-IV and small cell limited vs extensive spread
how is lung cancer treated based on the type you have non small cell-surgery then chemo and radiation, small cell-no surgery but chemo and radiation
prognosis of lung cancer depends on 2 factors cell type and stage
Created by: ambstudystack