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Med. Term. 12

Medical Terminology Prefixes, Suffixes, Combing Forms "M"

macr/o- large
macul/o- small area or spot
magnet/o- magnet
mal- bad; inadequate
-malacia condition of softening
malac/o- softening
malign/o- intentionally causing harm; cancer
malle/o- malleus (hammer-shaped bone)
malleol/o- malleolus
mamm/a- breast
mammo/- breast
mandibul/o- mandible (lower jaw)
-mania condition of frenzy
man/o- thin; frenzy
manu/o- hand
mastic/o- chewing
mastoid/o- breast; mastoid process
matur/o- mature
maxill/o- maxilla (upper jaw)
mediastin/o- mediastinum
medic/o- physician; medicine
medull/o- medulla (inner region)
meg/a- large
megal/o- large
-megaly enlargement
melan/o- black
melen/o- black
meningi/o- meninges
mening/o- meninges
menisc/o- meniscus (crescent-shaped cartilage)
men/o- month
menstru/o- monthly discharge of blood
-ment action; state
ment/o- mind; chin
mesenter/o- mesentery
mesi/o- middle
meso- middle
meta- after; subsequent to; transition; change
metabol/o- change; transformation
-meter instrument used to measure
metri/o- uterus (womb)
metr/o- measurement; uterus (womb)
-metry process of measuring
micr/o- one millionth; small
micturi/o- making urine
mid- middle
-mileusis process of carving
mineral/o- mineral; electrolyte
mi/o- narrowing
mit/o- threadlike structure
mitr/o- structure like a miter (tall hat with two points)
mitt/o- to send
mon/o- one; single
morbid/o- disease
morb/o- disease
morph/o- shape
mort/o- death
motil/o- movement
mot/o- movement
-motor thing that produces movement
muc/o- mucus
mucos/o- mucous membrane
mult/i- many
muscul/o- muscle
mutat/o- to change
myc/o- fungus
mydr/o- widening
myelin/o- myelin
myel/o- bone marrow; spinal cord; myelin
my/o- muscle
myop/o- near
myos/o- muscle
myring/o- tympanic membrane (eardrum)
myx/o- mucus-like substance
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