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Anglo-Saxon History

Anglo-Saxon History pertaining to Beowulf

When was the Anglo-Saxon period? 449-1066 C.E.
First timeline item? Celts
What where the two groups? Britons & Gaels
Where did the Gaels settle? Ireland
Britons and Gaels spoke related languages, called - Celtic
Farmers and Hunters organized into - Clans
Who were Druids? Priests who settled disputes, presided over religious events, and preserved people's myths about the past.
Second Timeline Item? Roman Conquest
What is one way the Romans influenced England? Town names, like "cester" or "caster."
How long did Roman rule last? 300 years
What year did the Romans withdraw from Britain? 407 C.E.
Timeline item 3? Arrival of Anglo-Saxons
Who attacked Britain during the 5th Century C.E. Angles, Jutes, and Saxons
The arrival of the Anglo-Saxons signaled the beginning of what? English Language
What was the original name of England? Angle's Land
What is a witan? Council of Elders
What is the Comitatus? System of reciprocity establishing loyalty between a Lord and his Thane (knight).
Ruling warlords? Earls
Citizens allowed to engage in commerce? Freemen
Bonded servants? Churls or Serfs
Military prisoners? Thralls, or slaves.
What beliefs did the Anglo-Saxons bring to Britain? Pagan
Fate? Wyrd
Early Anglo-Saxons worshiped? Ancient Germanic Gods
Anglo-Saxon literature flourished in? Oral Tradition
Minstrels were known as what? Scops
A mid-line pause is called a? Caesura
Kenning? A compound metaphor.
Heroic Poetry did what? Recounted the deeds of warriors
Elegiac poetry did what? Lament the death of loved ones.
Fourth timeline item? Christianity
Who did St. Augustine convert? King Ethelbert of Kent
Where did St. Augustine form his monastery? Canterbury
St. Augustine became the first -? Archbishop
By what year was most of England Christian? 650 C.E.
What did Christianity proclaim contrary to Anglo-Saxon culture? Renouncing revenge.
What did the Church bring? Education and Written Literature
Monks did what? Copy and illuminate manuscripts.
Monks wrote in what language? Latin
Who is the "Father of English History?" The Venerable Bede
Who was The Venerable Bede Benedictine Monk from Northumbria
What was Bede's most famous account? The Ecclesiastical History of the English People
The first English poet? Caedmon
Cynewolf has how many surviving poems? 4
Timeline item 5 Viking Invasion
What was the territory of the Viking invaders called? Danelaw
Timeline Item 6 Alfred the Great
What did Alfred translate? Bede's History
Alfred fostered the growth of what? English Language and Literature
He initiated what history? The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Timeline Item 7 Alfred the Great (cont.)
Timeline item 8 Canute
Timeline Item 9 Edward the Confessor
Edward's death led to... Norman Conquest
Who was overthrown in the Norman Conquest, and by who? Harold II by William the Conqueror
What signaled the end of Anglo-Saxon literature? William the Conqueror's Ascent to the Throne
Created by: collin.day