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Chapter 21 Chabner

Chabner Language of Medicine Chapter 21 Pharmacology

Penicillin is an example of which type of drug? Antibiotic
Drugs that produce loss of sensation throughout the entire body: Anesthetics
Which agency holds the legal responsibility for deciding whether a drug may be distributed and sold? FDA
Which of the following is a drug generic name? Ampicillin
Morphine: Analgesic drug
Drugs are applied on the skin: Topical
Select the term that is spelled correctly for the meaning-Drug that relieves chest pain: antianginal
Drugs that control anxiety and severe disturbances of behavior: Tranquilizers
Insertion of suppositories are: Rectal administration
Drugs are injected through a syringe into a muscle, vein, or body cavity: Parenteral administration
Drugs are swallowed and absorbed through the intestinal tract: Oral
Select the term that is spelled correctly for the meaning-Legal, non-commercial name for a drug: Generic
Drugs used to treat epilepsy: Anticonvulsants
Aerosols are administered in this way: Inhalation
What is anaphylaxis? A type of hypersensitivity reaction
Finding proper antidotes to the harmful effects of drugs is part of the specialty of: Toxicology
Select the term that is spelled correctly for the meaning-Harmful effects of a drug: Toxicity
Select the term that is spelled correctly for the meaning-Hypersensitivity reaction: Anaphylaxis
Amphetamine and caffeine: Stimulant drug
Select the term that is spelled correctly for the meaning-Agent that excites and promotes activity: Stimulant
Select the term that is spelled correctly for the meaning-Drug that restores heart to a regular cycle: antiarrhythmic
Select the term that is spelled correctly for the meaning-Drugs that are applied locally on the skin: Topical
Drugs that relax without necessarily producing sleep: Sedatives
Study of the interaction of drugs and subcellular entities such as enzymes and DNA is called: Molecular pharmacology
The combination of two drugs can cause an effect that is greater than the sum of the individual effects of each: Synergism
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