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Stack #50256

B's prefixes, roots, suffixes

apo away from
de from, down from, lack of
dia through, completely
diffus spreading
dys painful, difficult
ec(to) out of
eu normal, health
meta beyond, change, after
olig(o) few, little
par(a) near, beside, accessory to
re back, contrary
acr(o) extremity, peak
aden(o) gland
adipo fat
algia pain
angi(o) vessel
ankyl crooked, fusion
bili bile
blast to bud, sprout or produce
blephar(o) eyelid
ala wing
card tail
chol(e) bile
col(i)(o) colon
cor heart
cyst(i)(o) bladder/sac containing fluid
enter(o) intestine
emia condition of blood
fasci bundle
febri fever
fibro fibers
fil threadlike
genic origin, cause
geront(o) aging
gest carry
gloss(o) tongue
heme(a)(o) blood/iron
hemato blood
ischi(o) hip
kerat(o) horny tissue, cornea
kine(t)(o) movement
krin or crin to secrete
leuk(o) white
lith(o) stone
mast(o) breast
matrix womb
ment mind
mio less, smaller
mito threadlike
myc(o) fungus
myel(o) marrow, spinal cord
myx mucus
nephr(o) kidney
onco swelling, mass
ophthalm(o) eye
orchi(o) testes
ot(o) ear
phleb(o) vein
plasia growth
plege stroke, paralysis
pleur(o) pleura, rib, side
pneum(o) lung
pnoia breath
pnea breath
pod(o) foot
proct(o) rectum
pulmo(n) lung
pyel(o) renal pelvis
sarc(o) flesh
scler(o) hard
scolio crooked
sense perception, feeling
sep decay
sten(o) narrow
tachy rapid, swift
thelium covering
vas(o) vessel
ven(i)(o) vein
vesic(o) bladder
ectomy surgical removal
lys(i)(o) breakdown
osis condition/process
plasty surgical repair
plegia paralysis
pnea breathing
poiesis production
praxia movement
rrhea fluid discharge
stomy opening
tomy incision
tonia tension
tripsy crushing
ly act, process
rrhage excessive flow
diplo double
eosin(o) rose-coloured
purpur(o) rose-coloured
rose(o) red
rube red
xanth(o) yellow
-centesis puncture & aspiration of fluid
-ostomy surgically create artificial opening
-otomy incision
-pexy surgical fixation
-plasty surgical repair
-rrhaphy to suture
-ac, -al, -an, -ar pertaining to the word in front of it
-eal, -iad, -ic, -ical, -ile, -ior pertaining to word in front
-oid resembling
-ory, -ose, -ous, -tic pertaining to word in front
root disease, procedure, body part
prefix location, number, time
suffix condition, disease, procedure
Created by: BethKet