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CLEP Natural Sciences Test 01 Part 02

Bryophytes Nonvascular plants are known as bryophytes (mosses). They lack tissue that will conduct water or food.
Flowering plants Angiosperms are those plants that produce flowers as reproductive organs.
Shoots and roots Angiosperms (flowering plants) have two main systems—the shoot system, which is mainly above ground, and the root system below ground.
Produce seeds without flowers Gymnosperms produce seeds without flowers.
Conifers and cycads Gymnosperms produce seeds without flowers, which include conifers (cone-bearers) and cycads.
An athlete with a sore shoulder places a warm compress on it to transfer energy to soothe the muscle. An athlete with a sore shoulder places a warm compress on it to transfer energy to soothe the muscle.
On a cold February morning, a blower system in a car warms up after several minutes and blows air through vents in the floor, dashboard, and windshield. Convection is caused by the flow of heated liquid or gas through a volumetric medium.
Getting ready for a fall cruise inspires a young lady to spend a couple of weeks going to a local spa and reclining under a tanning lamp. Radiation is waves traveling through space to transfer heat away from the energy source.
This substance is a very strong oxidizing agent. The manganese ion in potassium permanganate has a +5 oxidation state, and is therefore readily reduced. When it is reduced, it forces another species to be oxidized. Therefore, the permanganate ion is a very strong oxidizing agent.
The metal in this substance has an oxidation number of +2. The magnesium atom that is combined with oxygen has a +2 oxidation state. Oxygen carries a –2 oxidation state, and the sum of the oxidation states of oxygen and magnesium must total the charge on the compound, which is 0.
The oxidation potential of this substance is zero. Hydrogen gas by definition, since it is a standard, has an oxidation potential of 0.
Exponential population growth curve; population growth accelerates One of the modes of population growth is represented by the exponential curve (or J-curve). The rate of growth accelerates over time since there are no limiters of growth.
Birth rate minus death rate The rate of increase within a population is represented by the birth rate minus the death rate.
Death rate Mortality is the death rate within a population.
Birth rate Natality is the birth rate within a population.
Logistic population growth curve; population growth accelerates and then slows down because of limits Another mode of population growth is represented by the logistic curve (or S-curve) for populations that encounter limiting factors in which acceleration occurs up to a point and then slows down.
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