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Epidemiology of Melanoma 10/100,000 Incidence increasing Female:Male 2:1 common sites women --> lower leg men --> back
Risk factors? Fair complexion Previous history Family history Increase in number of dysplastic moles
Characteristics of Basal Cell carcinoma? 40's and upwards Slow irregularly growing Doesn't metastasise but locally invades 80% on head and neck Curable and treatable
4 types of BBC? Nodular - pearly, crusty, telangectasia, ulcerate, rolled edge, on face Superficial - on trunk and shoulders, scaly, pink/red Morphoeic - waxy, scarlike, over 50's appear 'stuck on', spread down nerves Pigmented - grey
Squamous Cell Carcinoma? Bowen's disease? Over production of keratin --> yellow deposits. Often on backs of hand/bald head Firmer/harder/can be painful Bowens disease = SCC in situ.
Malignant melanoma? Checklist system? Uncontrolled growth of pigment cells. Initially flat and later raised from skin. Glasgow 7 point checklist: Change in size, change in shape, irregular colour. + Minor features bleeding, oozing/inflammation, bigger than 7mm, change in sensation.
Treatment for skin cancer? Excission biopsy to confirm. Surgical excission with wide margins of 4mm.
ABCDE of melanoma? Assymetry, Border irregularity, Colour variation, Diametre more than 7mm, Evolves over time.
Prognosis of melanoma? Good if less than 1mm. Half die within 5 years if over 4mm.
Created by: fran.w.hall