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REVIEW-Ms. Alicia's class

3 types of muscle tissue skeletal, smooth, and cardiac
tendons connect muscle to bone
muscles involved in respiration diaphragm and intercostals
major axil muscles muscles of the head and neck
masseter allows us to chew food
quadriceps are located front of thigh
what is atrophy? degeneration of unstimulated muscle fibers
the process of drawing up and thickening of a muscle fiber contraction
muscle which has 3 heads with a single insertion tricep
position where the head of the exam table is raised about 18 in and the patient sits with knees also elevated Fowlers
agency which sets and enforces the standards and use of Universal precautions OSHA
time between initial exposure of a disease and the appearance of first symptoms incubation period
asceptic techniques which can cause a break in the chain of infection include discarding items that fall on the floor if they cannot be cleaned, washing hands before and after any contact with patients or equipment, not wearing jewelry which can attract bacteria
all physicians who prescribe medications in the US must register with DEA
drug caterogry with high potential for abuse schedule 1
drug classifaction is accepted for medical use but is tightly restricted schedule 2
most oral medications are intended for absorption in the small intestine
method of administering medication which involves calculating appropriate amount of medication being passed through a tube before it enters the patient's body through a vein intravenous
medications given to patients in the form of gases, sprays, fluids, or powders to be mixed with liquids and used with equipment that will produce a mist or vapor inhalation
what needs to be done to withdraw medication from a vial? insert needle into rubber top and push plunger in, expelling air into vial
injection that is administered directly into a patient's vein intravenous
injection given at a 45 degree angle subcutaneous
in the administration of an IM injection,t he needle is 1-3 inches long
adductor toward the middle
abductor muscle contraction which draws muscle away from the midline
antagonist a muscle that counteracts the action of another muscle
ataxia lack of muscle coordination
analgesic relieves pain
anesthetic produces a lack of feeling
anticoagulant prevents clotting
antipyretic reduces fever
antitussive relieves/prevents cough
prior to a procedure, the procedure with all risks involved must be explained by the physician true
the trapezius muscle draws the head down false
hypertrophy is an enlargement of skeletal muscles in response to repeated stimulation true
the point of attachment of a muscle to the part that it moves is the origin false
cardiac muscles are involuntary but striated in appearance true
smmoth muscles are controlled by the autonomic nervous system true
cardiac muscles produce relatively slow contraction with greater degree of extensibility true
muscles produce heat when they are used true
drug abuse and drug dependency are on and the same false
to obtain accurate, reliable, and current information regarding most prescribed medications, you should check the PDR
a chemical name of a medication denotes the drug's active ingredient and is known as the official name false
the MA may write and sign prescriptions at the request of the physician false
preop care is care taken after an operation or procedure false
the general classification of instruments is based on their use
the MA should be able to remember the full name of each type of instrument used in the medical office false
topical anesthetics are used for surgery on hands, fingers, and toes false
before a procedure, a thorough surgical scrub should be performed for 15 mintues false
the most critical time for a needle stick incident is immediately before the injection false
abbreviation for dilute dil
abbreviation for cubic centimeter cc
abbreviation for ever night qhs
abbreviation for by mouth is PO
abbreviation for before meals is ac
abbreviation for as desired ad lib
abbreviation for syrup syr
abbreviation for subcutaneous subc
abbreviation for twice a day bid
abbreviation for under the tongue UT
abbreviation for shortness of breat SOB
abbreviation for immediately stat
abbreviation for three times a day TID
abbreviation for one half ss
abreviation for over the counter OTC
abbreviation for as needed prn
"ante" is the abbreviation for before
Pc is the abbreviation for after meals
caps is the abbreviation for capsule
susp is the abbreviation for suspension
the instrument used to hold the area of sterile drapes together towel clamps
paper used to wrap instruments for autoclave muslin
insttruments are considered sterile for 21 days in plastic, 30 in muslin
when preparing a sterile tray the field is considered contaminated how much around the edge 1 inch
the most dependable type of suture material is the silk suture
Created by: AlongCameAlicia