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ECG & Pulmonary Fxn

Layers of the Heart Pericardium, Myocardium, Endocardium
Components of Cardiac Cycle SA Node, AV Node, Bundle Fibers, Purkinje Fibers
What is Standardization? to verify that machine is calibrated to meet international standard, to verify that 10mm deflects 1mv of electricity
What are the types of Limb Leads? Bipolar Augmented Precordial
How are the Bipolar Leads represented? I,II, III
How are the Augmented Leads represented? aVR, aVL, aVF
How are the Precordial Leads represented? V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6
What are the positions of each precordial lead? V1- 4TH ICS RSB, V2- 4TH ICS LSB, V3- midway between V2 and V4, V4- 5TH ICS MCL, V5- 5TH ICS AAL, V6- 5TH ICS MAL
What are the different types of Artifacts? Somatic Tremor, Wandering Baseline, A/C - alternating current, Erratic Stylus, Interrupted Baseline
What does the P wave represent? Atrial Depolarization, Contraction, Diastolic phase, powered by SA Node
What does QRS complex represent? Ventricular Depolarization, Contraction, Systolic phase, powered by Purkinje Fibers
What does T wave represent? Ventricular Repolarization
What is Sinus Rhythm? Each heartbeat has 3 distinct waves, powered by SA Node, each cardiac cyle is similar to previous cylce
What is Holter Monitor? a test that records cardiac activity while the patient is ambulatory for 24 hrs, patient must press event button when feels distressed.
What is a Pulmonary Volume Test? a test of the amount of air the lungs move normally, the amount of available lung space after a normal inhale and exhale.
What is Tidal Volume? the amount of air inhaled and exhaled during normal breathing
What is Expiratory Reserve Volume? the amount of air forcibly exhaled after a normal exhale
What is Inspiratory Reserve Volume? the amount of air forcibly inhaled after a normal inhale
What is Residual Volume? the amount of air left in lungs after an exhale
What is the normal amount of VT? 500 mL
What is the amount of IRV in males? 3300 mL
What is the amount of IRV in females? 1900 mL
What is the amount of ERV in males? 1000 mL
What is the amount of ERV in females? 700 mL
What is the normal amount of RV? 1200 mL
What is a baseline? where no energy is recorded, no movement from stylus, also known as isoelectric line
What is a defibrillator? machine that gives a counter shock to convert cardiac arrythmia to regular sinus rhythm
Four (4) pulmonary capacity tests? total lung capacity, vital capacity, inspiratory capacity, functional residual capacity
What is Total Lung Capacity? volume of lungs at peak inspiration, the sum of all four pulmonary volume tests
What is Vital Capacity? amount of air exhaled after forced inhale includes maximum exhale
What is Inspiratory Capacity? amount of air inhaled after normal exhale
What is Functional Residual Capacity? amount of air remaining in lungs after normal exhale
What are two (2) types of Cardiology Specialty Tests? Stress Test/Treadmill, Holter Monitor
What is a Stress Test/Treadmill Test? evaluate heart's response during moderate exercise after an ECG.
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