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What TRIC is used to load a new item record into MMSYS CES-S? TRIC FIL
If items are available in a supply point, which management notice will this information appear on I023
The ___ will request a deployable retail outlet to support the desired requirements. Combat Commander
Who has reign to make stockage decisions based on predicted customer demand? Exchange Service
Who has the authority to move Class VI merchandise into and through other countries? National Authorities
Normally, Exchange Service merchandise is disposed using DRMS or DRMO. False
What are class VI items? Personal, soap, athletic gear
What are class II items? Clothing, tools, consumable items, individual equipment
Who are the primary materiel Managers for Class II items? General Service Administration and Defense Supply Center Philadelphia
What is the listed subclass for class II items? General Supplies
What are class III items? Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants (POL)
Who is responsible for preparing the Bulk Storage Facility Report annually? DESC
If an installation doesn't have permanently installed storage systems, use any container that meets operational, safety, storage and environmental requirements. True
What are the drawbacks to the bladder? Limited service life
What substitute grade is highly volatile? Jet B
What are class IV items? Construction material
The Defense Supply Center in ___is the Executive Agent for construction and barrier material for those items not readily available on the commercial market. Philadelphia
Which type of resources are required almost immediately to complete the first element of opening an air base? Class IV resources
What are class V items? Ammunition
___is the transfer of stock from one service to another Cross leveling
It is important that only qualified personnel and appropriate equipment are utilized in accordance with all international laws and DOD directives to prevent health hazards when disposing of class V items? True
What are class VII items? Major end items
Major end items having multi-service applications are managed by a single___program office for the entire DOD. Organization
At what level is each branch able to decide quantity and location of class VII replacements? Operational and Tactical level
What are class VIII items? Medical Materiel
The___is responsible for the majority of peacetime distribution? Prime vendor
___is the executive agent for end to end medical supply support? Defense Logistics Agency
___will provide proper DRMS disposal action for exprired non-radioactive and unusable medical supplies? Health support services
What are class IX items? Repair items
Class IX repair part requirements are based on ___allowances and predicted demands to re-supply consumed inventory or obtain non-stocked items. Unit
The implication of reduced unit stock is increased___and___demands on the global distribution system to support joint forces. volume, velocity demands
regularly adjusted based on actual demand by the DOD stratification process Inventory
responsible for class IX assets executed through service logistic commands and their inventory control activities Services Materiel Management
responible for assigned class IX assets executed through the DLA weapons system inventory control points DLA
closely related to repair parts consumption operating tempo
days of operation, flying hours and pertinent employment factors service allowance
What are class X items? Materiel for non-military programs
Class X assets are composed of items that support non-military programs such as economics and agricultural development, civil actions and various relief and education programs with whom? NGOs and Civil Affairs
How are class X requisitions submitted to military affairs? MILSTRIP
When an Issue Requests is inputted into the MMSYS and I004 management notice is always ouputted? TRUE
TOs are used to provide clear and concise instruction for safe and reliable operation, inspection and maintenance of centrally acquired an manaed Air Force Systems. TRUE
Each assembly has an assigned SMR code which provides which of the following? Supports methods, repair level responsibilities, disposition instructions of maintenance activities
What is the most used TO series to research items without an NSN? Illustrated Parts Breakdown Series
The master item identification and control system also known as "D043A" was developed to provide Air Force personnel with interactive cataloging, standardization and other logistics management data for Air Force or user managed items. True
Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of the D043A system? D043A decreases the ability to perform research
What other regulation besides AFMAN 23-110 outlines the policies governing the cataloging system? DoD 4100.39-M
What TRIC is used to load a new item record into MMSYS (ES-S)? TRIC FIL
When an Issue Request in inputted into the MMSYS, and I004 Management Notice is always outputted. True
If items are available in a supply point, which management notice will this information appear on? I023
What does the Customer Service element use the I023 management notice and advise the requesting activity of substitutes, interchangeable's, other possible base resources outside the LRS or non-availability of assets for? performs priority verification
Which UND issue requests and backorders prevents an Air Force organization/activity from performing its combat/support missions or tasks, or training for such missions or tasks? A
Which UND issue requests and backorders impairs an Air Force organization/activity from performing assigned combat/support mission or tasks? B
What UND issue requests and backorders when another UND doesn't qualify for assignment, requests are automatically backordered if assets are unavailable? C
Reviewing the I023 mgmt notice is required to locate available assets, if any, in other locations such as which of the following? Supply points, bench stocks, WRM, DIFM back shops
What tex code is used to reprocess an issue request if a I&S asset is requested by the customer? Tex code M
What 3 options are given to the requesting activity if no I&S items are available or the customer cannot use the assets available? Cancel request, backorder or initiate MICAP
What are Due-in updates? Required Delivery date, required advice code, priority code
What are Due-out updates? TEX code, mark-for, authority for issue flag, force activity designator
__transactions are used to change varous data elements on retail supply system due-in/due-out details. DIT
DIT transactions can be used to change any or all of the following requisition on (due-in) detail data like: project code, priority designator, required delivery date, special requirements indicator, link due-out document number, requisition advice code, supplementary address
___can cancel the due-out and inform the customer of the action taken in the event the backordered item cannot be supplied to the customer. GLSC
What advice code is used when a MICAP customer backorder is cancelled per customer request? Z
When using cancellation status codes ZG and ZH the retail supply system will delete the requisition and assign REX 1 to the item record. True
What DIC Code is generation if the due-out is not linked to a due-in when a DOC is processed, but a due-in exists? DIC: AC1
___output transaction is used to request cancellation of retail supply requisitions form the source of supply. Cancellation request (AC1/AK1)
Failure to record maintenance turnarounds in the retail supply system will impact the___stock level base
Successful completion of a TRN transaction through the RPS system will result in the___ I006/I122 management notices
What listing is used to monitor status and maintain accountability/visibility of issued assets controlled by maintenance activities? D23/Repair cycle listing
Who is the primary POC for repair cycle assets? Flight Service Center
How long does it take a repair cycle part, when issued to maintenance, to show up on the D23? the following day
Which option shows users how to select CTH records using a transaction date serial number? Transaction serial
Which option shows users how to select CTH records using multiple options and from those selections to produce a printed report? Batch Miscellaneous
Which option shows how to select CTH records using the NSN and Transaction date? Stock number inquiry
On a "Detailed Transaction Inquiry Screen Output" what line is the Demand Code on? Line 10
On a "Detailed Transaction Inquiry Screen Output" what line is the ERRC code located on? Line 2
___is and air transportable package of readiness spares, repair parts and related maintenance supplies required to support planned wartime or contingency operations. MRSP
How many days can a MRSP support a weapon system or weapon support system in a deployed location before re-supply is necessary? 60 days
WRM Base Authorization Processor S07
Airborne MRSP Listing R43
WRM Reconciliation S05
RSP Shortages R42
What TRIC is used to load, change or delete AMRSP details within the retail supply system? 1UB
The process of ensuring RSP/WRM detail balances are as close to the authorized quantity for a deploying or transferred kit or kit segment is referred to as robusting. True
TRIC___is used to process a transfer from one kit segment to another kit segment. 1KT
Which copy goes to document control? Copy 1
Which copy goes to the losing kit org? Copy 2
Which copy goes to the gaining kit org? Copy 3
What management notice will output when serialized reporting assets are being transferred? F117
What is the temp movement of assets from the home station to another location usually for a period less than 30 days? WRM/RSP deployment
What status flag will prevent a possible whse refusal? D
Transfers are accomplished by processing a TRIC__? 1WD
When transferring kit segments the___program will create records with the project flags and project codes associated with the stock numbers and kit segments selected. NGV741
Who documents all transactions using the R43? Deployment unit
Who loads the transferred package information into CSB? Gaining unit
Who downloads and uploads transferred package assets for redeployment? Transferring unit
An automated way to process RSP authorizations S07
Serial number authorization records XTJ
WRM authorization input record XVF
Displays the kit serial number 1EBI
Used by operations personnel to load authorizations SIFS
What is part 1 of the S05? Quantity variance
What is part 2 of the S05? XVF Authorization no matching detail
What is part 3 of the S05? Detail no matching XVF authoriztion
What is part 4 of the S05? Note Code 1-3-4 List
What is part 5 of the S05? Used by operations personnel to load authorizations
What program identifies variances between the master file and the materiel management system records. Reconciliation program
What is step 1? process S07
What is step 2? process S05
What is step 3? research or work out of balance conditions
What is step 4? accountable officer certifies the reconciliation process
What is step 5? Forward copy two to the authorizing MAJCOM
___must identify equipment tasked for deployment. Units
All units should refer to the squadron to shop___materiel list to ensure the required items are available for shipment LOGPLAN
Submit a HAZMAT certification authorization letter to___with the commander's or designated representatives' signature TMF
Which of the following steps are recommended to ensure a successful shipment? properly mark HAZMAT items, ensure an administrative supply kit is included, conduct an inventory before deployment
A TRIC___input transaction must be used to process a retail supply detail record issue. MSI
When processing an issue from detail records if the item is a MICAP, place the applicable UJC for non-MICAPs or MICAP UJA for MICAPs in what position? 65-66
If the customer processed the detail record transaction... the request output will kick out at the terminal where the item is stored.
A___is the primary method to move equipment transfer
Done when authorized by GLSC EME/AFVES transfer between organization
The gaining custodian submits a request for transfer to the GLSC EME/AFVESA transfer within an organization
Only when LRS EAO or GLSC EME/AFVESA agree to transfer transfer between custodians
What TRIC is used to transfer accountability in support of disaster relief operations? 1ET
What listing is utilized to determine if assets are available in a kit during EDO? R43
While in EDO, what tex code is used in position 51 of the AF Form 2005 to reflect a degraded operation issue to the customer. Tex code 6
Document signed by tcustomer upon delivery of an item and used for accountability DD Form 1348-1A
Used to submit issue requests for supplies during Expeditionary degraded operation (EDO) AF Form 2005
Has the discretion of opting to use a spreadsheet in lieu of the AF Form 2005 The Accountable officer
Created to keep track of every transaction taking place during EDO Notepad Tracking Document
Provides 100% accountability of all assets deployed within the MRSP R43
Used to reflect a degraded operations issue to the customer Tex code 6
To better aid in the ease of locating assets, make sure the R43/NGV876 program is run in stock number sequence. This can be accomplished by placing an "X" in position 61 by processing what TRIC? TRIC IRC
Normal in-checking and inspection of Turn-ins are explained in AFMAN 23-110, Vol 2, Part 2___ Chapter 13
The LRS designates___as the section repair cycle support sends copy 2 of the AF Form 2005, serviceable return, for possible DOR action. stock control
What TRIC is used to process a turn-in? TRIC TIN
What documents must accompany an unserviceable/reparable item? DD Form 1577-2, Copy of original AF Form 2005, AFTO 350 tag
What are 2 types fo non-directed shipments? Special and Automatic
What TRIC is used for all non-directed shipments to force ship items from stock? SHP
To prevent automatic replenishment of the detail assets use___of the AF IMT form 1991 while in degraded ops Tex code F in position 51
Stock control is responsible for requesting disposition instructions from the___for unserviceable repairable assets? item managers
Which of the below is NOT required during Expeditionary Degraded Operations Environment (EDO)? CA/CRL (R14)
What TEX code is entered in position 51 of the AF Form 2005 and what letter is entered in Block 1 to indicate a due-out will be established? 7; D
What TRIC is used when preparing an issue request for XD/XF assets? DUO
A___is established to indicate LRS owes the customer an item. Due-out detail record
The purpose of UMMIPS is to provide a standard method of ranking competing needs among activities according to their overall importance? True
Who is responsible for processing TRIC: SPR with TRIC: SPR with TEX code 7 in the Materiel Management System when it becomes available? Stock Control
Serial numbers assigned range from___to___ 9000, 9899
Use AF Form___to create the REC input document while in a degraded operations environment 1991
___is used to cross reference receipt document information. Due-In Receipt Listing R28
What resources should you use when creating a DOR in a degraded operations environment? Receipt document and Due-in Receipt Listing R28
Who is responsible for appointing the Control Team Chief withing LRS? LRS Commander/AO
Sequencing inputs prior to processing is important to prevent what from happening? Rejects and Incorrect data
Discoverer has many capabilities, however___area because business areas are predefined. you are not able to make changes to the business
The___layer allows Discoverer to hide complexities and details of the underlying database. End user
Inventory All inventory related tables
Support Cumulative reject suspense
Transaction History cumaltive reject suspense
Management excess stratification
SRD/RID/I standard reporting designator
Organization delivery destination
System special control
Item Detail transaction summary
The___of the end user layer is used to create folders. administrative edition
What type of window will appear if the report you are building requires additional information? Edit parameter window
Performing a query in discoverer allows users to modify pre-existing workbooks True
Discoverer provides the capacity to export any report created into___or___formats to improve the efficiency of data flow between work centers HTML, Excel
___is used to process daily traffic movement at aerial ports GATES
GATES supports two types of aerial ports:___and___ Fixed, Deployed
Identify the items that are interrogation capabilities provided by GATES Exploits the use of automatic identification technology, primary means of capturing cargo and personnel movement, supports multiple levels of security
GATES is equipped with the capability to___PCs from their access point on the LAN and relocate them to the area where processing and tracking are being conducted without interruption. Disconnect
TRIC___is used to load, change and delete Supply Point detail records FSP
What is a DELETE modified category? on-hand quantity must be zero
What is a LOAD modified category? assign organization code 005
What is CHANGE modified category? updates applicable substitutes by program control
The main objective of the reconciliation is to verify any excess on the various details assigned, point out supply point balance discrepancies, establish a request on less than authorized quantity
The Q04 listing complements the DIFM listing True
___uses the repair cycle data listing to review records with exception repair cycle days. Stock Control
What describes the use of an item for its intended purpose in its present state? Property status
The___is the only person authorized to determine the condition, status and identity of property for all materiel management supply accounts Inspector
If a base receives an item that is damaged, misidentified or has other problems, the inspector must report the descrepancy using what form? SF 364
When the condition of an asset is in question or when the serviceable tag has been lost, defaced or destroyed, the supply inspector must have an authorized maintenance person perform a Bench check
What determines an item's physical state? condition
What goes to DD Form 1575/-1? Suspended
What goes to DD Form 1576/-1? Test or modify
What goes to DD Form 1577/-1? P
What goes to DD Form 1577-2/3? G
What goes to DD Form 1574/-1? C
If it is necessary to process an identity change input, what TRIC will you process? FCH
If a TRIC FCH is not used to correc the identifitation of an item process is... reverse post
What can be authorized when the manufacture assigns the wrong part number on the item? identity change
When does a partial issue exist? When the quantity is less than the due-in quantity
In what position will you place the quantity variance flag when processing an excess receipt? Position 65
What is the quantity variance flag for a receipt processed as a shortage? S
What do you prepare when the quantity is greater than the quantity indicated on the receiving document? SF 364
What part of the Daily Transaction Register lists all activity code Y transactions? 2
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