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Medicine that involves the study of diseases/disorders of the lungs and the respiratory system. pulmonary
is a physician who specializes in the study of the lungs and the respiratory system. pulmonologist
pertaining to the nose and chin nasomental
inflammation of the nose and pharynx nasopharyngitis
inflammation of the nose rhinitis
surgical repair of the nose rhinoplasty
the bursting forth of blood from the nose rhinorrhagia
discharge from the nose rhinorrhea
narrowing of the nasal passages rhinostenosis
incision of the nose rhinotomy
pain in the pharynx pharyngalgia
inflammation of the pharynx pharyngitis
covers the entrance of the larynx epiglottis
pertaining to the larynx laryngeal
surgical excision of the larynx laryngectomy
inflammation of the larynx laryngitis
surgical repair of the larynx laryngoplasty
an instrument used to examine the larynx laryngoscope
a new opening into the larynx laryngostomy
pertaing to the trachea tracheal
pain in the trachea trachealgia
inflammation of the trachea tracheitis
incision into the larynx and trachea tracheolaryngotomy
new opening into the trachea tracheostomy
dilation of the bronchi bronchiectasis
inflammation of the bronchi bronchitis
a fungus condition of the bronchi bronchoplasty
an instrument used to examine the bronchi bronchoscope
a lung condition caused by inhalation of dust pneumoconiosis
inflammation of the lung caused by bacteria, viruses, or chemical irritants pneumonia
inflammation of the lung pneumonitis
is the collection of air or gas in the pleural cavity as the result of a perforation through the pleura covering of the lung. pneumothorax
an instrument used to measure lung capacity pulmometer
pertaining to the lung pulmonary
surgical excision of the lung or part of a lung pulmonectomy
is defined as the interchange of gases between an organism and its environment. respiration
wals of the chest are nearly at rest and chiefly the diaphragm exerts itself abdominal
process of using artificial means to cause air to flow into and out of an individual's lung when breathing is inadequate or ceases artificial
a rhythmic cycle of breathing with a gradual increase in respiration followed by apnea Cheyne-Stokes
a distressing, deep gasping type of breathing associated with metabolic acidosis and coma Kussmaul's
membrane disease, is a condition that may occur in a premature infant. hyaline
is a dark blue condition of the skin and mucous membranes cause by oxygen deficiency. cyanosis
is a condition of dificient amounts of oxygen in the inspired air hypoxia
is a temporary cessation of breathing apnea
difficulty in breathing dyspnea
good or normal breathing eupnea
excessive or rapid breathing hyperpnea
inability to breathe unless in an upright or straight position orthopnea
fast breathing tachypnea
is a lung condition caused by inhalation of coal dust and silica anthracosis
is a condition of imperfect dilation of the lungs atelectasis
is a disease of the bronchi characterized by wheezing, dyspnea, and a feeling of constriction in the chest asthma
is a chronic pulmonary disease in which the bronchioles become obstructed with mucus emphysema
is pus in a body cavity, especially the pleural cavity empyema
is the medical term for nosebleed epistaxis
is the medical term for the common cold coryza
is inflammation of a sinus sinusitis
is an acute, infectious disease characterized by coryza, an explosive paroxysmal cough ending in a "crowing" or "whooping" sound; also called whooping cough. pertussis
is an allergic reaction to pollen or pollens pollinosis
is inflammation of the pleural cavity caused by injury, infection or a tumor pleurisy
is a substance coughed up from the lungs that may be watery, thick, purulent, clear, or bloody and may contain microorganisms. sputum
act to counter the effects of histamine by blocking histamine-1 receptors. antihistamines
are used to treat infectious diseases antibiotics
act to constrict dilated arterioles in the nasal mucosa decongestants
act to reduce the cough reflex antitussives
promote and facilitate the removal of mucus from the lower respiratory tract. expectorants
breack chemical bonds in mucus, thereby lowering its thickness mucolytics
are used to improve pulmonary airflow bronchodilators
used in treatment of bronchial asthma and in seasonal or perennial allergic condition when other forms of treatment are not effective corticosteroids
agents are used in the long-term treatment of tuberculosis antituberculosis
acute respiratory disease ARD
acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS
carbon dioxide CO2
chronic obstructive lung disease COLD
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD
hyaline membrane disease HMD
oxygen O2
postnasal drip PND
purified protein derivative (TB test) PPD
respiration R
respiratory disease RD
sudden infant death syndrome SIDS
shortness of breath SOB
tuberculosis TB
upper respiratory infection URI
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