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suffixes 1


-acusis Hearing
-agon To assemble, gather
-agra Excessive pain
-algesia Sensitivity to pain
-algia Pain
-amine Nitrogen compound
-an Pertaining to
-apheresis Removal
-ar Pertaining to
-arche Beginning
-arthria Articulate (speak distinctly)
-ary Pertaining to
-ation Process; condition
-blastoma Immature tumor (cells)
-chalasia Relaxation
-chalasis Relaxation
-chezia Defecation; elimination of wastes
-cide Killing
-cidal Pertaining to killing
-clasis To break
-clast To break
-coccus Berry-shaped bacterium
-constrictoin Narrowing
-crit To separate
-cytosis Condition of cells; slight increase in numbers
-desis To bind, tie together
-dilation Widening; stretching; expanding
-dote To give
-drome To run
-eal Pertaining to
-elasma Flat plate
-ema Condition
-emia Blood condition
-emic Pertaining to blood condition
-esis Action; condition; state of
-esthesia Nervous sensation
-eurysm Widening
-ferent To carry
-fication Process of making
-fida Split
-form Resembling; in the shape of
-fusion To pour; to come together
-gen substance that produces
-genesis Producing; forming
-genic Produced by or in
-globin Protein
-globulin Protein
-grade To go
-gravida Pregnant woman
-hexia Habit
-ia Condition
-iac Pertaining to
-iasis Abnormal condition
-icle Small
-in, -ine A substance
-ine Pertaining to
-ion process
-ior Pertaining to
-ism Process; condition
-ium Structure; tissue
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