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UB ANA 113 Lec 22

Heart II

Intrinsic regulating contraction stimulated w/o nervous system
sinoatrial node (SA node) "pace maker" In wall of right atria. Initiate heartbeat. Specialized conducting cells. 72 times/minute
Atrioventricular Node (AV Node) In Right atria. Receive from SA node. Pass to AV bundle
Atrioventricular bundle of His (AV Bundle) tract of conduction fibers within intervertebral septum. Passes message to purkinje fibers
Purkinje Fibers In walls of ventricles. Conduct impulse to myocardium = Ventricular contraction
Extrinsic regulating ANS stimulation
Sympathetic stimulation increase rate and strength . release norepinephrine. Act on SA Node
Parasympathetic stimulation decrease rate and strength, release acetylcholine. Inhibitory
cardiac cycle complete heartbeat
Atria contract AV valves open, blood rushes into ventricles
Systole Ventricles contract, AV valves close, semilunar valves open, blood ejected out. Blood under highest pressure
Diastole ventricles relax, semilar lunar valves close, AV valves open, Blood is in atria. Wait for SA node to fire to begin next cycle. Lowest pressure
Amount of blood pumped every minute 5L
Austcultation listening to body sounds.
1st heart sound lubb - AV valves close
2nd heart sound dupp - semilunar valves close
Auscultory areas adjacent to anatomical location so sternum does not obscure the sound. Listen towards the flow of blood.
Aortic area 2nd intercostal space on right side - aortic semilunar valve
Pulmonic area 2nd intercostal space on left side. Pulmonic semilunar valve
Tricuspid area 5th intercostal space right of sternum. Right AV Valve
Bicuspid area 5th intercostal space left of sternum. Near apex. Mitral(left AV valve)
coronary circulation supplies heart with blood, carries away waste ... first branches of aorta
right coronary artery posterior interventricular. lateral right heart. In septum on posterior side of ventricles
left coronary artery anterior interventricular. Interventricular septum(think bundle of His) & anterior walls of ventricles. Cirumflex supply left atrium and posterior left ventricle
Coronary sinus blood drained from coronary veins into.. then into right atrium
Myocardial infarction (MI) heart attack. Blood clot blocks coronary vessel
Thrombus fixed clot
embolus moving clot
Atherosclerosis fatty deposits in walls = plaque consequence = buildup and blockage
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