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UB ANA 113 Lec 16


3 Major parts of the brain cerebrum (cerebral hemispheres), brainstem (core of brain), cerebellum (little brain)
corpus collosum fiber bundle that connects cerebral hemispheres. Allows to transfer of info
gray matter cerebral cortex, neuron cell bodies, folded
gyri ridges of cerebral cortex
sulci grooves of cerebral cortex
white matter contains axons - myelinated = white
What divides the lobes of the cerebrum? Sulci and fissures
Frontal lobe motor
parietal lobe sensory
temporal lobe auditory
occipital lobe visual
insula pull temporal lobe down to see, integrates nervous activity
Broadman's areas specific areas responsible for certain functions
Primary motor Broadman's area (4), precentral gyrus
primary sensory Broadman's area (3,1,2) postcentral gyrus
Hearing Broadman's area (41,41) temporal lobe
Visual Broadman's area (17,18,19) perception and identification of images
Broca's Area (44,45) speech. In hemisphere opposite handedness
Wernicke's Area (22) understand and compose the written word ... dyslexia
Hounculus bigger area = need more neurns to control. Lower extremity in midsagital section
The brain is supplied by _____ major pairs of blood vessels. Name them 2. Internal carotid (2 branches), Vertebral arteries
Circle of Willis Branches of the Internal vertebral and internal carotid blood vessels unite on inferior surface of brain
Middle cerebral artery branch of internal carotid. Supplies lateral surface
Blockage of middle cerebral artery would affect... the upper limb
Anterior cerebral artery branch of internal carotid. Supplies medial surface of brain
Blockage of anterior cerebral artery would affect... the lower limb
Veins draining the brain empty into... dural venous sinuses = folds in dura
Dural venous sinuses go to... internal jugular vein
CSF in produced within... the choroid plexus.. this is in cavities of the brain called ventricles
Arachnoid granulations CSF drains into before dural sinuses
Path of CSF choroid plexus in Lateral ventricle, third ventricle, cerebral aqueduct, fourth ventricle, subarachnoid space surrounding brain and spinal cord
Hydrocephalis accumulation of CSF perhaps due to excessive production or blockage
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