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OG Beverage Test

Flash cards for the Drinks of the OG

What are the Big 6 in White Wines? Riesling- Light,Slight Sweet P.Grigio- Light, Smooth/Fruity Chardonnay- Medium, Dry
What are the Big 6 in Red Wines? P.Noir- Light, Smooth/Fruity Merlot- Medium, Soft Berry Flavors Cabernet- Full, Very Dry
Name 4 Flavors of Syrup Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Raspberry
Describe 2 favorite flavors of Italian Creme Sodas Raspberry: Raspberry flavoring with soda water and creme. Orange: Orange flavoring with soda water and creme
Name 2/3 Draft Beers We Carry Blue Moon, Bud Light
What are the 2 sizes of Beer Glasses? 14oz and 22oz
Name 4 of our Domestic Beers Sam Adams, Coors, Bud Light, Miller Light
Name 2 Premium Beers Corona, Henekin
What is the Italian Beer? Peroni
What is our Non Alcoholic Beer? O'Douls
Sparkling Wines? Martini& Rossi Asti, Zonin Prosecco
How Do You Open A Wine Bottle? 1.Present 2.Insert Corkscrew and twist 3.Give Sample to Host of the Table 4. If Approved pass wine glass counter clock wise
What does "Body" refer to? How the wine clings to your mouth
How is the Wine List in the Menu set up? -Principatos -Sparkling -White and Blush -Reds
Describe the flavor of Frangelico Hazelnut Flavor
Describe the flavor of Amaretto Almond Flavor
Describe the flavor of Kahlua Coffee Flavor
Describe the Flavor of Bailey's Irish Creame Creamy Irish Whiskey
Upgrade my Gin Tanqueray
Upgrade my Rum Mount Gay
Upgrade Screwdriver Grey Goose
Upgrade my Scotch Johnny Walker Red
Upgrade my Margarita Patron
Describe the Espresso Our shot of coffee
Describe the Cappacino Espresso, Whipped Cream, Steamed milk
Describe the Latte Espresso, Steamed Milk
Describe the Pomegrante Margarita Martini Sweet&Sour, Muddled Fruit, Patron Silver, Patron Citronage, Monin Pom. Syrup
Describe the Limoncello Lemonade Caravella Limoncello, Smirnoff Citrus, Lemonade, Lemon Syrup
Describe the Chocolate Almond Amore Kahlua, Amaretto, Baileys, Ice Cream (KABI)
Describe the Frozen Tiramisu Kahlua, Amaretto, Tuaca, Ice Cream, Espresso (KATIE)
How much wine in the wine sample? 1 oz
How much wine in a glass? 6 oz
Created by: Tman!