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Med. Term. Suhailah3

Medical Terminology Suffixes, Prefixes, and Combining Forms "C"

cac/o- bad; poor
calcane/o- calcaneus (heel bone)
calc/i- calcium
calcific/o- hard from calcium
calci/o- calcium
calc/o- calcium
calcul/o- stone
calic/o- calix
cali/o- calix
calor/o- heat
cancell/o- lattice structure
cancer/o- cancer
candid/o- Candida (a yeast)
can/o- resembling a dog
capill/o- hairlike structure; capillary
capn/o- carbon dioxide
capsul/o- capsule (enveloping structure)
carb/o- carbon atoms
carbox/y- carbon monoxide
carcin/o- cancer
card/i- heart
cardi/o- heart
cari/o- caries (tooth decay)
carot/o- stupor; sleep
carp/o- wrist
cartilagin/o- cartilage
cata- down
catabol/o- breaking down
catheter/o- catheter
caud/o- tail (tail bone)
caus/o- burning
cavit/o- hollow space
cav/o- hollow space
cec/o- cecum (1st part of large intestine)
-cele hernia
celi/o- abdomen
cellul/o- cell
-centesis procedure to puncture
centr/o- center; dominant part
cephal/o- head
-cephalus head
-ceps head
-cere waxy substance
cerebell/o- cerebellum (posterior part of the brain)
cerebr/o- cerebrum (largest part of the brain)
cervic/o- neck; cervix
cheil/o- lip
chem/o- chemical; drug
chez/o- to pass feces
chir/o- hand
chlor/o- chloride
cholangi/o- bile duct
chol/e- bile; gall
cholecyst/o- gallbladder
choledoch/o- common bile duct
cholesterol/o- cholesterol
chol/o- bile; gall
chondr/o- cartilage
chori/o- chorion (fetal membrane)
chorion/o- chorion (fetal membrane)
choroid/o- choroid (middle layer around the eye)
chrom/o- color
chron/o- time
cid/o- killing
cili/o- hairlike structure
cin/e- movement
cingul/o- structure that surrounds
circa- about
circulat/o- movement in a circular route
circul/o- circle
circum- around
cirrh/o- yellow
cis/o- to cut
-clast cell that breaks down substances
claudicat/o- limping pain
claustr/o- enclosed space
clavicul/o- clavicle (collar bone)
clav/o- clavicle (collar bone)
-cle small thing
cleid/o- clavicle (collar bone)
clinic/o- medicine
clon/o- identical group derived from one; rapid contracting and relaxing
-clonus condition of rapid contracting and relaxing
-cnemius leg
coagul/o- clotting
coarct/o- pressed together
cocc/o- spherical bacterium
-coccus spherical bacterium
coccyg/o- coccyx (tail bone)
cochle/o- cochlea (of the inner ear)
cognit/o- thinking
coit/o- sexual intercourse
coll/a- fibers that hold together
-collis condition of the neck
col/o- colon
colon/o- colon
colp/o- vagina
comat/o- unconsciousness
comminut/o- break into small pieces
communicat/o- impart; transmit
communic/o- impart; transmit
compens/o- counterbalance; compensate
compress/o- press together
compromis/o- exposed to danger
compuls/o- drive or compel
con- with
concept/o- to conceive or form
concuss/o- violent shaking or jarring
conduct/o- carrying; conveying
conform/o- having the same scale or angle
congenit/o- present at birth (congenital)
congest/o- accumulation of fluid
coni/o- dust
conjug/o- joined together
conjuntiv/o- conjunctiva
con/o- cone
constip/o- compacted feces
constrict/o- drawn together; narrowed
construct/o- to build
contin/o- hold together
contra- against
contract/o- pull together
contus/o- bruising
converg/o- coming together
convuls/o- seizure
copr/o- feces; stool
corne/o- cornea (of the eye)
cor/o- pupil (of the eye)
coron/o- structure that encircles like a crown
corpor/o- body
cortic/o- cortex (outer region)
cosmet/o- attractive; adorned
cost/o- rib
crani/o- cranium (skull)
-crasia a mixing
-crine thing that secretes
crin/o- secrete
-crit separation of
cry/o- cold
crypt/o- hidden
cubit/o- elbow
culd/o- cul-de-sac
cusp/o- projection; point
cutane/o- skin
cut/i- skin
cyan/o- blue
cycl/o- ciliary body of the eye; circle; cycle
cyst/o- bladder; fluid-filled sac; semisolid cyst
-cyte cell
cyt/o- cell
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