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abscess collection of pus
allograft graft, individuals not sme genotype
allotransplantation transplantation; indv. not/same genotype
anomaly abnormality
arthrodesis surgical immobilization of joint
arthroplasy reconstruction of joint
aspiration use of needle and syringe to w/draw fluid
autograft grafts taken from patient's body
base unity value numerical values for each service
benign not progressive
biopsy removal of peice of live tissue to diagnose
closed treatment fracture not opened or visulized
concurrent care similar services in one day more than one doctor
conscious sedation low consciousness; not asleep
consultation physician to physician or agncy concerning patient
contributory factors counseling, coordination of care, nature of problem, time of e/m svs.
counseling discussion w/patient and/or fam. ptaients treatment
critical care care of critically ill needing constant attention
cryosurgery destruction of lesions w/extreme cold
curettage scraping cavity w/spoon shaped instr
debridement cleaning or removing dead tissue from wound
dermis second layer of skin
destruction killing tissue by electrocautry laser, chemical
dislocation placement not in correct place
distinct procedure services or procedures w/no relationship
electrodesicciation electrical destruction through needle
emergency care service services in er, unplanned
endoscopy inspect. of organs by lighted scope thru incision
endotracheal tube thru nose/mouth into trachea for ventalation
epidermis outer layer of skin
epidural anesthesia injection between vertebre
exacerbation increased severity of condition
established patient w/in 3 yrs. same physician or grp.
excision full thickness removal of lesion
fasciectomy excision of fascia
fracture break in bone
general anesthesia state of unconciousness by drug
global period 90 days major surgery, 10 days minor surgery
hypotension low b/p
hypothermia low body temp
incision and drainage cut and w/draw fluid
injection fluid into tissue, vessel, cavity
inpatient formally admitted to facility
internal/external fixaqtion pins, wires to immobilize body part
intraoperative time operation is being preformed
key components hist.,exam, decision making complexity of e/m service
kyphosis himback; curvature of spine
lesion abnormal or altered tissue
ligament band of tissue connecting cartigege to bone to support joint
ligation binding/tying off to constrict bloodflow
malignant cancerous tumor, grows worse overtime
mandated service service required by agency to perform for patient
manipulation or reduction attempted restoration of fracture or joints to normal position
moderate sedation low consciousness, not fully asleep
morphione narcotic analgesic
muscle fibrous structures taht contract for movement
osteotomy cutting into bone
PCA patient controlled analgesia
percutaneous skeletal fixation not opened/closed; fracture not visible fixation placed across frac
physical status modifiers modifying units/anesthesia section of cpt, condition at time anesthia
professional component physician's services in radiology or pathology
punch sm. hollow instr. to puncture lesion
qualifying circumstances 5 digit cpt codes describing situations that affect admin
regional anesthesia interruption of sensory nerve conductivity in region of body
Relative Value Guide codes for anesthesia services
scolioses abnorm. lateral curve of spine
unbundling assigning multiple cpt codes when one code would describe
wound repair, complex complicated wound closure
wound repair, intermediate closure of one or more tissues
wound repair, simple abduction superficial repair, requiring one layer suturing
adenoid mass of lymphatic tissue in the nasopharnx
antigen substance foreign; evokes an immune response
antibody protien produced by B cell lymphocytes to destroy antigens
spleen organ near stomache that produced that produces, stores
toxin poison, protein produced by certain bacteria animals, or plants
allergy abnormal hypersensitivity acquired by exposure to an antigen
immun/o protecion
tox/o poison
inter/o between
ana up; apart; backward; again, an new
is/o same, equal
son/o soun d
ultra beyond; excess
echo- reflected sound
lucent- to shine
radi/o x-rays; radioactivity
viv/o life
vitr/o vitreous body (of the eye_
opaque obscure
cine movement
PET position emission tomography
KUB kidneys, ureters, bladder (series) x-ray w/out contrast medium
IVP intravenous pyelogram
LAT lateral
BE barium enema
Ba barium
KS kaposi sarcoma
HSV herpes simplex virus
HD hodkin disease
AIDS acquired immunodefficiency syndrome
Created by: rsrudolph
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