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Forms of Meds/Route

Chapter 16- Forms of Medication by Route of Administration

Caplet Solid dosage form for oral use; shaped like capsule and coated for ease of swallowing
Capsule Medication encased in a gelatin shell
Tablet Powdered medication compressed into hard disk or cylinder
Enteric coated Tablet that is coated so that it does not dissolved in stomach; meant for intestinal absorption
Elixir Clear fluid containing water and alcohol; designed for oral use; usually has sweetner added
Extract Concentrated medication form made by removing the active portion of medication from its other components
Aqueous solution Substance dissolved particles in a liquid medium; when left standing, particles settle to bottom of container
Syrup Medication dissolved in a concentrated sugar solution
Troche (lozenge) Flat, round dosage form containing medication that dissolves in mouth; not meant for ingestion
Aerosol Aqueous medication sprayed and absorbed in the mouth and upper airway; not meant for ingestion
Sustained release Tablet or capsule that contains small particles of a medication coated w/ material that requires a varying amount of time to dissolve
Ointment (salve or cream) Semisolid, externally applied preparation, usually containing one or more meds
Liniment Usually contains alcohol, oil, or soapy emollient
Lotion Semiliquid suspension often used to cool, protect, or clean skin
Paste Thick ointment; absorbed through the skin more slowly than ointment; often used for skin protection
Transdermal patch Medicated disk or patch; medication is absorbed through the skin over a designated period of time (e.g. 24hrs)
Solution Sterile preparation that contrains water with one or more dissolved compounds
Powder Sterile particles of meds that are dissolved in a sterile solution before admin
Intraocular disk Medicated disk that is inserted into the patient's eye. The medication is absorbed over a designated period of time
Suppository Solid dosage form mixed with gelatin and shaped in the form of a pellet for insertion into a body cavity. Melts when it reaches body temp.
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