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AP Euro Ch. 4 Terms

Test Terms

The Restoration England -1660; Charles II/monarchy comes back after collapse of Commonwealth and the Protectorate; end of Cromwell.
Ship Money England; Charles I; inland taxed for coasts; unpopular; 1634; w/o Parliament consent
Sun King Louis XIV; absolutism; Bourbon; 1640-1715; Versaille; France; King of Navarre
Gustavus Adolphus King of Sweden 1611-1632; father of modern warfare; Thirty Years War; "Lutheran Champion"; "Golden King"; "Lion of the North"; because led the nation to military win in 30yrs war.
"Window to the West" Peter the Great who founded St. Petersburg in 1703; attempt to Westernize Russia;
Maria Theresa Pragmatic Sanction= cause of Austrian Succession; Austria Habsburg; tried to imitate Versaille; ruled after Charles died in 1740
Gunpowder Plot Guy Fawkes; Engdland; tried to blow up the House of Commons during the State Opening of Parliment; attempt to kill James I; led by Sir Robert Catesby; plotter (English Catholics) were executed; 1605
Cavaliers Royalists; House of Lords; supported Charles I
Roundheads Puritans; House of Commons; supported Cromwell and Parliament
Pride's Purge 1648; England; Puritans overthrow Charles I (religious rights); Rump Parliament voted to excute Charles 68-67 ---------------or----------------- troops under Colonel Pride removed long parliament -> Ppl did not support New Model Army; Rump Parliament
Versailles capital of France 1682-1789; Louis XIV; grandeur; many treaties made here.
Revocation of the Edict of Nantes France- 1685; Louis XIV; religious intolerence; Protestantism declared illegal; France left w/o many of their skilled people.
Vermeer Dutch; 1609 center of European finance; standardizing European currency; similar to Medici during the Renaissence; first modern bank.
War of Spanish Succession 1701-1713; Louis XIV and Hapsburg; battle 4 Spanish throne; Peace of Utrecht; reason= possible unification of France and Spain under Bourbon monarch; involved= Spain, HRE, England, France; result= King Philip of Spain and removed French line of succession
Stuarts English; kings after Tudors; pro-Catholic; started in 12th century when James I became King of England and Scotland.
JCOCJ James I -> Charles I -> Oliver Cromwell -> Charles II -> James II; (rulers from Stuart House)
William and Mary ruled England, Scotland, and Ireland 1689-1702; Glorious Revolution; William of Orange and Mary, daughter of James II; signed English Bill of Rights; co-opperated with Parliament.
Diggers and Levellers group of Protestant Agraian Communists; leaders are Gierrard Winstanley; formally known as True Levellers; called Diggers b/c lifestyle was rural based.
Poussin Franch painter (Louis XIV); liked classical style; first painter to the King of France.
Fronde France; noble revolts against Cardinal Mazarin; began 1635
"L'etat, c'est moi" "I am the state" -Louis XIV
Colbert France; reformed economy; liked= trade of manufactored goods, growth of industry, and capitalism; disliked= export of foods.
Peace of Utrecht 1713; ended War of Spanish Succession; stated that French couldn't have Spain.
Habsburgs royal family; Austrians
Hohenzollerns ruled Brandenburg since 1415
Prussia militarism; Great Elector (Fredrick William)
Peter Romanov Peter the Great (1682); struggle between him and his brother and sister.
Time between the English Monarchs Interregnum Period led by the Commonwealth and Cromwell
Popery the doctrines, practices, and rituals of Roman Catholics
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